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Peter Dinklage Is The Best Dad


Peter Dinklage is a phenomenal actor. We’ve seen him take on a lot of different roles throughout the years. He’s done comedies, dramas, sci-fi, mysteries, fantasy, adventure, animated movies and even a good share of big blockbusters. If you look at his filmography it looks like he’s actually done it all and tried his hand at everything. But playing Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones has to be one of the most memorable roles he’s taken on. But as exciting as it must’ve been to play the character of Tyrion Lannister of the hit show, it must be even more exciting to him to be a father. He once had to leave his daughter at home with a babysitter to go pick up a Golden Globe award and admitted that as nice as winning the award was he couldn’t stop worrying about his daughter. He seems to be a very loving and caring father and loves spending time with his children, which is proven by the multiple photos of him out and about with his kids. But we have a particular soft spot for photos of Peter with his daughter. They’re just so cute together!

1. It must be really nice to have a father who will go down the slide with you.

2. What an adorable duo, it seems like his daughter was getting his curls when she was younger.

3. We love a father who will pick you up and make you feel like a little plane.

4. Helping his father to carry her backpack, how cute is that?

5. It seems like a scooter is their favourite mode of transportation, and we gotta say they look like they’re having fun.

6. Well look at that, Peter’s daughter is already getting taller than him.


7. A throwback to when she was still a toddler. What a lovely family they are.

8. Those earmuffs are legitimately bigger than Peter’s face but they’re definitely a cute winter accessory. Do you think they get in the way though?

9. Are those glasses sliding off cause they’re going fast or cause he’s that cool?

10. Don’t you just wish some days that you could be wheeled around by Peter Dinklage? We definitely do.

11. A blindfolded quest through the city with a toddler on your shoulders, that looks fun.

12. Can we nominate Peter Dinklage for the Father of the year award already?