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Remembering Luke Perry – The Nicest Bad Boy In Hollywood


Luke Perry was a talented actor and always seemed like a very cool guy. His fans and friends
always spoke well of him and we’re witnessing a huge outpour of love on social media following the news of his death. He passed away two days ago, having suffered a stroke last week.



If you happened to catch the craze around 90210 Beverly Hills in your teenage years – you were lucky. It was a wonderful time in TV history. And we’re willing to bet Dylan was your favorite too. No one could resist the charm of that lovable bad boy. Or maybe you caught his playing Pike in the 1992 Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie? Perhaps you were a fan of his heartwarming portrayal of the best dad ever in Riverdale? He’s had an amazing career and has been in over 80 movies and TV shows.



We’ve already seen lots of love and heart-warming words directed at Luke Perry and his family on social media. What could we possibly add to all those kind words? Luke Perry was a real legend, may he rest in peace.