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The 2019 Grammys, In All Its Feminist Glory


2019 Grammys had the privilege of joining what many are calling “the year of the woman”, and was way more woke than the politicized shenanigans that usually go on at the Grammys.



Feminists were on full display and everyone seemed to be speaking their mind, in a refreshing twist of what the modern day award show looks like.

The naturally gorgeous and chilled out Alicia Keys hosted, Gaga powerfully rocked the stage with a bejeweled microphone, and Dolly Parton closed out her performance with her revolutionary, patriarchy-smashing anthem, “9 to 5.”



Keeping things upbeat and sassy as always, winner Cardi B performed “Money” in a performance that stayed and even gave Queen Bey a run for her money in terms of execution and style.

As Miss Keys was hosting, she welcomed her fellow sisters out on the stage, comprising a dream team made up of Michelle Obama, Gaga, Jada Pinkett Smith, and J. Lo. Yes, the Grammys nabbed the regal queen otherwise known as Michelle Obama, and the world accordingly freaked out.



On stage, this powerful coven of women shared their personal anecdotes of how music changed their life, leading them from small beginnings to larger opportunities.


Ariana Grande won best pop vocal album, although she decided to skip the ceremony altogether, due to arguments with Grammy producers over song choice. It really would have been the icing on the cake to see her perform “Thank U, Next” or “God Is A Woman” on live, national TV.



During performances, there was also a steamy LGBT moment that wouldn’t have graced our screens just a few years ago. St. Vincent and Dua Lipa’s sensual performance had some serious sparks flying between the two, leaving us dreaming of the ultimate girl rocker #couplegoals.

Our favorite win would have to be Cardi B for best rapper. Although many are debating what it means to the future of hip hop for someone like Cardi to win over past contenders such as Missy Elliot, we can all agree that this is a step forward for all women in the music industry.



She’s officially the first female rapper to ever win in her category, and while we can appreciate the love for her predecessors that paved the way and inspired her, we love Cardi for her dedication, talent, and realness.

Body positivity also had its moment for the bigger girls, when Bebe Rexha came out in that breathtaking, red Monsoori gown. Funny story behind that gown – other designers wouldn’t dress her because she was “too big”, but she landed this dress and looked like the most gorgeous princess of the night. The gown ended up being the most googled outfit of the evening.



The only thing that put a damper on the whole situation was Offset lurking in the background, trying to steal his baby momma’s shine. Well, at least we have men in the shadows instead of stealing the spotlight, this time around.