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The Life And Work of Mexican Telenovela Star Edith Gonzalez


The best-known Mexican TV star, Edith Gonzalez died last week. She was 54 years old. Edith was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in 2016, has had surgery and was in remission until recently.  We want to offer condolences to her family and fans who are mourning their beloved star.

Edith is probably the most famous telenovela star in Mexico and all of Latin America, her career includes more than 50 films and telenovelas. She started acting when she was still a child in the 70s and since then has made a name for herself in show business. She often played strong female characters, which made her quite a role model for a lot of people. Let’s take a look at some of Edith’s most famous roles, shall we?

Her first leading role was that of Bianca Vidal, a humble young woman who works during the day and studies at night. In this telenovela, Edith’s character Bianca falls madly in love with her Literature professor, José Miguel Medina, played by Salvador Pineda. The teacher is married, there’s family drama and many other obstacles in the way of these two being together. If you haven’t seen it – we urge you to watch it now.

Edith González starred in “Corazón Salvaje” with Eduardo Palomo. González played the role of Monica, a delicate lady of the Mexican high society of the time. Both characters become entangled in a long series of family conflicts and love affairs, before realizing that they were made for each other. The events of the telenovela took place at the beginning of the 20th century and the show became an international success.

Another telenovela that Edith Gonzalez starred in was called “I Will Never Forget You.” It’s a story of Luis Gustavo and Esperanza who fall in love as children, but the boy’s mother separates them and sends her son to study abroad. They never quite forget each other and meet again 10 years later, but the mother is still desperate to keep them apart. Drama ensues.


González was also the star of Salome, a remake of a popular La Colorina. Edith played Salomé, a cabaret dancer D’Rubí who falls in love with a married millionaire, Julio Montesino.

You’d think it was doomed from the start, but Montesino’s wife is infertile, so his mother conspires to have Salome become Monestino’s lover so that she could have a grandson.

Dona Barbara is another brilliant telenovela that Edith is known for. Based on the homonymous novel by the Venezuelan writer Rómulo Gallegos, Doña Bárbara features González and Peruvian actor Christian Meier. It’s a story of a woman who suffered horrible trauma at a young age and as a result grew up to be quite a closed off, hardened woman who hates men, until she meets Santos Luzardo, played by Meier.

These are just five of many roles that Edith played and we urge you to watch some of her movies and telenovelas. She was a talented and beautiful actress who loved what she did and always tried her best to bring happiness into the world. Even after she was diagnosed with cancer Edith stayed very open about her sickness and continued to share her story in interviews and through social media with the world and her fans, telling them how she’s coping, and what treatments she’s undergoing. At one point it seemed like she beat cancer. She went into remission after a year of treatments but unfortunately, cancer returned and took Edith away. She is survived by her husband Lorenzo Lazo Margáin and her daughter.