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Timothee Chalamet Brings Back Edward Scissorhands In A Super Bowl Ad


Super Bowl commercials are always on a whole other level. Some people literally look forward to seeing all of those ads, even if they’re not that into the actual Super Bowl. We’re not even entirely sure why we like these commercials but despise the other ones we usually see on TV. Perhaps it’s their cinematic flare, or maybe it’s because we only see them once and we don’t really get a chance to get sick of them. Either way, this year’s Cadillac ad is everyone’s favorite. 

Cadillac has truly hit a jackpot. They targeted our childhood nostalgia by bridging back Edward Scissorhands, they got Winona Ryder to actually reprise her role and surprised us by getting Timothee Chalamet to play Edward Scissorhands’ son instead of choosing to hire Johnny Depp (whose reputation is kind of questionable at this point). They got us right in the feels. 

The premise of this ad is simple enough. Scissorhands 2.0, Edgar, faces a lot of the same struggles his father faced. His sharp hands are handy when cutting up fruit and veg, so he helps his mom to cut up a pineapple. He works at a sandwich shop and tries to use his unique talent there to create edible masterpieces, but his boss wants him to stick to the menu. But when it comes to getting around, Scissorhands is at a disadvantage. He accidentally cuts the pull string on the bus, oh if only there was a way to get around safely for him. 


That’s where Cadillac comes in handy. Their new car is all-electric and perfect for those who care about the environment and also for those who don’t want to have their hands on the wheel. It can drive itself and you don’t have to worry you’ll cut smth or scratch up the wheel with your scissor hands. So what does Kim Boggs (Winona Ryder) do? She gets him a new electric Cadillac so Edgar can drive off into the distance, like any other mom should.  

All in all, this would’ve been pretty boring if it wasn’t for Timothee Chalamet. 

The costume fits him like a glove. The pale face and crazy hair make him look even hotter than Johnny Depp did in the original movie. At this point, we don’t even know if we want Hollywood to make an “Edgar Scissorhands” sequel so we can watch 2 hours of this Chalamet Scissorhands hotness or if we’ll be satisfied rewatching this ad for the next month. One thing’s for sure, Cadillac has basically won the Super Bowl with that ad.