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Tiny Altoid Tin Art By A Young Artist Will Have You Mesmerized


When you think about detailed paintings of nature you probably imagine them to be rather big in size and taking days to actually paint, right? You’d have to have the perfect set up, lots of paints and brushes, etc. Well Remington Robinson can prove you wrong. This young artist from Ohio can do the tiniest paintings in great detail and it’s pretty amazing to look at. And the most impressive thing is they’re very realistic and the amount of detail in them is astounding.



1. Here’s a Remington’s first painting of 2019. It’s a little Gazebo in the center of his hometown of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Am I the only one who thinks it’s just like the real Stars Hollow?



2. Espresso still life. Here’s a tiny painting Remington did while having a cup of coffee at the Trident.



3. This photo gives a whole new meaning to latte art, doesn’t it?


4. Here’s a watercolor plein air of the front of the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center – the home of Eduard Albert Meier (the famous UFO photographer from Switzerland). Remington says it’s one of his favorite places in the world, and he always feels lucky to have the opportunity to be а part of such a lovely and historic place.



5. Quick painting of a magnificent expansive landscape that Remington did while having breakfast, before embarking on the most epic hike of his life at Oeschinensee, Switzerland.


6. A gorgeous real life floral pattern! So beautiful!



7. Pearl Street Mall is really on fire with all these radiant tulips showing off their beautiful colors!




8. Some people climb mountains to see the view. This artist does it to paint the view.


9. This was the view from an Airbnb in Cusco, Peru. Most would just take a photo, but not Remington. It took him 3,5 hours to do this little painting.



10. One more painting from Peru. This one was done at the Pisac Archaeological Park. The Pisac Ruins are much more extensive than Machu Picchu with plenty of awe-inspiring stonework, lots of incredible terraces and great views. A top-notch example of what the Inca culture was capable of creating.


11. And how freaking cute is this one?



12. Thunderbird Falls just outside Anchorage, AK. This was quite a quick one, only took Remington 20 minutes, and what an exhilarating 20 minutes it was! “I was loving the mossy rocks surrounding the falls, and there were salmon in that frothy blue water! By the time I was finished, I was pretty soaked from all the moisture flying off the waterfall. If you look closely, you can see water droplets all over the oil paint.”


13. Paintings of nature is definitely Remington’s speciality.



14. Don’t forget that you can even purchase some of these tiny paintings! Just DM the artist for purchase inquiries.