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Ultrasound Nails Are Trending On The ‘Gram Now


When having a baby, the sonogram marks an important moment. It used to be seen as somewhat miraculous, but with technological advances, getting to know your little one mid gestation is easier than ever.



Some women are choosing to celebrate their foray into motherhood with a bedazzled manicure – an unconventional one that is definitely outside of the box. Sonogram nail art is a new trend that’s a way to let the whole world know about your unborn child.


Apparently, carrying around a wallet photo of your sonogram just isn’t enough these days. We can see every one of the Kardashian Jenner women rocking this look on long coffin nails, but it would be just as cute on someone with shorter, tomboy aesthetic as well.



People are calling the look “ultrasound nails”, and it involves gentle, subtle swirls of black and white. Some moms opt for only shaping the silhouette of the fetus’s head and hands, and baring the design on a single finger.


We have to admit, a whole hand full of ultrasound nails sounds a bit excessive – the equivalent of carrying around a photo album instead of one simple picture.




The beauty is in the simplicity and ambiguity – what this manicure represents for the women wearing it. At first glance, it might just look like marbled nail art, but upon a closer double take, it’s a rare look at life itself.


In a way, this is a metaphor regarding the fragility of life and just how minuscule it is when starting out. In a lighter sense, it’s an icebreaker at parties, and a way for mothers-to-be to bond over parenthood and the bumpy terrain which comes with it.


We think this look works great with colors like deep burgundy, black, white, or cream. Some women opt to partially hide their sonogram in a highly decorated manicure, while others keep it simple and let their masterpiece take center stage.



Some women are even adding a little heart in the corner, in an inventive and endearing detail to honor the true love of their life – their child!


Some might call it shallow or silly. We think it’s a beautiful way to celebrate your unborn child and connect with them, as well as the future community of mothers that surround you – a reminder that you’re not alone.