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Who Is Chloe Bailey: 20 Must-Know Facts


Nowadays, it feels rare to find wholesome, unproblematic celebrities. But Chloe Bailey is exactly that. The actress and singer got discovered on the internet, and soon after earned herself a records deal and two Grammy nominations. 

Still, she never let the fame get to her head. She’s a grounded, kind and inspiring role model to her fellow young queens around the globe, and we wanted to celebrate with some little-known facts about her. 

1. Chloe Bailey is both an actress and a singer — she’s part of the sibling R&B sensation, Chloe X Halle. She also stars on Grown-Ish with Yara Shahidi.

2. Chloe Bailey’s birthday is July 1, 1998, making her 22 years old.

3. Bailey’s zodiac sign is Cancer, which speaks to the energy she gives off. Her vibe is caring, loyal, intuitive, and protective. We certainly see that last one when anyone comes for her sis!

4. Chloe Bailey looks taller than she is — in reality, she’s just 5 feet and 5 inches tall, or 1.65 meters. Average height for an everything but average queen.

5. The beautiful Chloe is an all American cutie from the south. She grew up in Atlanta before moving to LA, California with her family for her acting and singing career in 2012. 

6. Contrary to common belief, Chloe and Halle are actually not twins. Chloe Bailey is actually two years older than her sister, but the two are so close and look so similar that people thought they were twins. 

7. Chloe isn’t just a singer and actress — she can put songwriter and producer under her belt as well, since she co-writes all of her songs. She’s also a producer on many of her songs including Baby Girl and The Kids Are Alright.

8. Beyonce isn’t in their bloodline, but they are signed to her label Parkwood! Additionally, the celebrity has called the girls her “family” several times, which is pretty adorable. They were even in her Lemonade film.

9. This beauty has another weird link to Beyonce — she played a young version of her character Lilly in The Fighting Temptations. She’s actually in the beginning with the young version of Darrin, played by Cuba Gooding Jr.

10. Chloe Bailey’s dating life is a secret. She might be dating someone privately, but the public has no idea. We love her for being so low drama. Unproblematic, talented, and pretty! She has it all. 


11. Her net worth is apparently somewhere close to $2,000,000, but that could be a little off what it truly is. 

12. She completed the spicy #BussIt challenge on social media (her IG is @chloebailey), showing herself as the more daring sibling. This is clearly her trying to tell people that she’s moved on from her innocent Disney days, and in fact is the older sister!

13. Apart from her individual Instagram page, she shares a band IG page with her sis called @chloexhalle, where she hosts the highly entertaining Thursday Tea Time Instagram Lives with each other. 

14. She’s a star in her own right — unlike many Hollywood starlets, she doesn’t come from a famous family. Doug is actually their lawyer and manager, and mom inspires them daily to be strong and independent.

15. They got famous of Youtube. In fact, they earned their followers and the attention of Queen Bey herself. After she heard a cover of their song, she signed them immediately. 

16. On Grown-Ish, she plays Jazz Forster, while her sister plays Sky. In the new season, they still have these roles, and Chloe’s music career keeps flourishing. What a multi-tasker!

17. Chloe and Halle’s first album, The Kids Are Alright, took them three years to complete. Another fun fact? They recorded most of the songs in their living room.

18. Chloe has no formal music training, and is completely self-taught, just like her sister. Her parents encouraged her to teach herself how to write and play music, and using Google and YouTube, she taught herself piano and production.

19. She’s been growing her hair out since childhood — those famous waist-length locks are in fact real, and took many years to grow out. 

20. She lives a healthy lifestyle, thriving off a vegan diet and hot yoga. Now that’s what we call self-care.