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Who Looks Better – Father or Son?


There are so many good looking men in Hollywood, and I don’t know about you but I always forget that they actually age and get families and have children. So many of them remain the same in our memory, they kind of get frozen at the height of their attractiveness or popularity in our minds and when someone mentions them we always bring up a particular image in our head that might have little in common with what they actually look like these days. But a lot of these men have very good looking sons, so we thought it would be interesting to compare fathers and sons and you can be the judge of which one’s more handsome.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Patrick Schwarzenegger

Arnold’s son Patrick isn’t a bodybuilder Arnie was in his early years, but he definitely takes after his father in terms of keeping fit and he went into acting. But will he grow up to be just as legendary? It’s hard to tell but with genes like that, we think he just might.

2. Jean-Claude Van Damme – Kristopher Van Varenberg

Jean-Claude Van Damme used to be such a hottie, I mean just look at him. And his son is definitely taking after him in the looks department, and apparently, he’s also into martial arts as well. But the question is which of them do you think is more attractive?

3. Jack Nicholson – Ray Nicholson

As famous as Jack Nicholson is you’ve got to admit he’s got that mad glint in his eye like he’s at least a little bit crazy. And his son definitely has a very similar smile to him, and yet he doesn’t look creepy, at least not yet. Would you say that’s fair?

4. Tom Hanks – Colin Hanks

Tom Hanks is such a great and distinguished actor that as soon as you know he’s in a movie, you know it’s going to be good. But do you remember how goofy and adorable he used to look when he was young? Can you see the resemblance with his son Colin?

5. Mel Gibson – Milo Gibson

Remember the time when Mel Gibson was just a bit deranged but in an amusing way, and just slightly sexist? That was a better time for all of us in a way. And it looks like he didn’t think that hard when naming his son, just added an extra letter to his name. But you’ve got to admit they do look very much alike.


6. Clint Eastwood – Scott Eastwood

Clint Eastwood will forever be stuck in our memory the way he looked in Dirty Harry. He was such a good looking man in his early years we’d go as far as to call him a hottie. And you know what? His son Scott is quite a good looking guy too. Can you pick who’s better?

7. Jude Law – Rafferty Law

Jude Law clearly just made a carbon copy of himself. His son Rafferty takes after him not only in terms of looks but even in terms of style. They’re just so similar it’s insane. In fact, we’d say that you could easily mistake Rafferty for a young Jude Law. We bet he gets that a lot.

8. Stellan Skarsgård – Alexander Skarsgård

Stellan is a famous Swedish actor, even though a lot of the time we forget that he is since he’s been in so many American and British movies that we basically consider him to be a Hollywood homeboy. His son Alexander is definitely following in his footsteps.

9. Robert Pine – Chris Pine

Did you know that Chris Pine’s father was also an actor? It might be a well-known fact for many, but for us, it was quite a surprise. Talent must be running in their blood, cause Chris seems to have outdone his father.

10. David Beckham – Brooklyn Beckham

Yes, that is a photo of young David Beckham before he became famous for his hairstyles. His son Brooklyn is quite a good looking young man, but he’s much more into photography than he is into football. But hey, to each their own.