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Zoe Kravitz Files For Divorce


We’ve seen a lot of people getting married in 2020, but not everyone in Hollywood has been living in bliss with their partner during this dumpster fire of a year. Zoe Kravitz filed for divorce from her husband on Dec 23d. Well at least, she gets to start fresh in 2021. Was this something we should’ve seen coming? Let’s take a look back at their relationship over the past few years, shall we?

Zoe Kravitz and Karl Glusman met back in 2016, and soon after we heard rumors of them dating. Kravitz has since mentioned in interviews that she felt something for Glusman immediately, from the first day that met at a bar. Their relationship became public the same year, they were posting pictures of each other on their Instagram, attended the Emmys as a couple and were all lovey-dovey together. In 2017 the couple celebrated their one-year relationship anniversary.

It wasn’t long until they got engaged in 2018. It was a very casual thing for them. When asked about a ring in an interview Zoe just said: “oh yeah, I’m engaged”. She said that she loved the fact that it wasn’t something elaborate, Karl didn’t plan a getaway weekend in Paris or anything like that. Instead, he just proposed one day, at home, in sweatpants. Zoe says she didn’t really plan on announcing it to the world the same day, or at all. It was a private thing and she wanted to keep it to herself, but since people asked, she answered casually.

Their wedding took place in Paris in 2019, in a mansion owned by her father. Up until the news of the divorce it seemed like they were doing great. They would always say nice things about each other in interviews, they posted pictures on Instagram congratulating each other on their birthdays and anniversaries. Zoey posted a picture from their wedding on their one year wedding anniversary and captioned it simply “one year”. While Karl posted a similar photo saying he loves Zoe and she makes him better and if they managed to get through 2020 they can do anything together. Later on, Zoe posted a photo of her husband on his birthday saying she loves him more than he’ll ever know and jokingly called him a butthead.


And yet, here we are. Zoe filed for divorce just before Christmas and posted a meme about throwing out the garbage and getting rid of people, things and places that no longer serve you on her Instagram stories. Then both Zoe and Karl removed all pictures of each other from their Instagram altogether. 

Karl went as far as to delete everything from his Instagram and just start fresh in 2021 with a weird video of the sun setting on 2020 and how eye-opening the year was. He then followed on January first with a photo of his bloody leg. 

Zoe, in the meantime, ended the year posting a selfie and captioning it with “bye 2020, you f*cking weirdo”.

It clearly has been a weird year for Zoe and Karl, and we can only hope that they made the right decision and that they will be happier in 2021, each following their own path.