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10 Affordable Brands for a Fashionista on a Budget


Sometimes, looking good is a full-time job. Unfortunately, we usually also need to go to our actual full-time job to afford that sense of style. Lucky for us, fast fashion has brought a bevy of cute trends without the heavy price tag.



1. Uniqlo
This isn’t just the place for all your thermal and winter essentials, it actually has really cute samples like pleated midi skirts and high waisted culottes which are as trendy as ever without going over the $50 mark.



2. Missguided
Missguided is like Fashion Nova with slightly more product diversity, and better customer service. Edgy, fast fashion, this brand targets risk-takers who don’t want to spend a boatload. We love their lingerie and PJS as well.


The quality of this British brand is surprisingly good, and their looks are on point. They have thousands of styles to choose from for any occasion, whether that’s a date, fancy part, or work event. Two day shipping also makes this a lifesaver.



4. Pretty Little Thing
We love their cheap wrap dresses and cutout looks. Tops and dresses are often $10.00 and while it’s not the most expensive quality, it’s hard to resist a chic deal that’s this inexpensive.


5. Forever 21
This brand has always had our back with inexpensive but on-trend looks. Money goes a long way here, you can purchase a handful on ensembles without hitting the three digit mark. Street style and 90s lovers alike unite here.




6. Amazon
Did you know that Amazon has a legit fashion sections? It’s aspiringly underrated, and not an outdated collection of warehouse Zappos kicks. Amazon Prime adds even more to the savings!


7. H&M
Swedish brand H&M has been around and known as the IKEA version of clothes for a long time. Elegant dinner looks, office ensembles, or casual beach day threads can all be found at this store with diverse offerings.


8. Fashion Nova
Although the materials involve lots of polyester and their customer service can feel like a black hole, this A-lister endorsed brand has Kylie and Cardi purchasing regularly. Plus size and straight size ladies alike will love their stretchy, comfy jeans and body con dresses.



9. Naked Wardrobe
Celebrities have been known to combine these budget friendly looks as layering staples for more complex looks, like Ciara and J. Lo. Slinky dresses, animal printed looks, and pretty blouses to pair with jeans are the bread and butter of this celeb vetted brand.


10. Meshki
Hailey Baldwin has been spotted wearing these skimpy dresses, which can be bought for under 60 bucks! This Australian brand is all about glam meets elegant, with matching outfits and lingerie sets that don’t look cheap at all.