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10 Badass Coachella 2019 Fashion Trends



Coachella at its core might’ve started out as a music festival but it has evolved into so much more than that. These days Coachella is the biggest event for almost every kinds of industry. It’s not just about the acts on stage, it’s about the look of the place, the vibe, the photo opportunities, the art installations, the celebs you might spot, the beauty industry, the fashion, this year it was even about tech. People plan their Coachella looks months in advance, they spend days preparing for the festicab, getting spray tans, getting their hair and nails done, meticulously planning their outfits and accessories and what hair and makeup look to wear with what. So let’s take a look at 10 badass Coachella fashion trends of 2019.



1. Mesh
Mesh outfits are definitely a hit this year. And the crazier the color – the better. You could wear matching sets, co-ords or even full on mesh bodycon dresses and you were guaranteed to be one of the cool Insta-baddies at Coachella.


2. Crochet
Outfits with crochet elements have been a Coachella staple for years now, but this year crochet dresses are on the peak of popularity.



3. Cut-Outs
Various tops, co-ord sets and dresses with cutout patterns are another must for Coachella fans. Is that top crochet, cut out or something else? We don’t know but these kind of outfits were everywhere so far.


4. Bright Monochrome
Just cause you want to go monochrome doesn’t mean you can’t go hella colorful. Many bright and neon solid one color outfits at Coachella this year and we’re loving it.


5. Fringe
Fringe details are extremely popular at Coachella 2019. In some cases it literally looked like these people just wore an outfit that was already done and added fringe on top, cause why the hell not?



6. Utility Playsuits
Such a simple yet stylish way to stand out and look absolutely badass.



7. Bike Shorts
Cycling shorts aren’t going anywhere, and Coachella is proof of that. I mean are you even allowed at the festival if you don’t own at least a pair of neon bike shorts?


8. Denim Bermuda Shorts
Another trend that is very popular is long denim shorts. I mean, you can’t get away from the classic short cut-offs that might show some cheek, that’s a festival classic. But these long denim Bermuda shorts are a serious competitor.


9. Boxer Braids
Let’s end with some cool hair trends, since they definitely add to one’s style and fashion and a hairstyle can change the whole look. All sorts of elaborate boxer braids were seen at Coachella this year and we loved every single variation.



10. Hair Accessories
Pins, butterflies, metal rings and all sorts of other metal accessories adorned the braids of many Coachella fashionistas this year and it looked absolutely stunning, while also adding even more badass vibes to their overall look.