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10 Cute Fashion Trends to Try This Summer


Summer is the best time to freshen up your look and invest in a few pieces that will bring certain panache to your outfits. We may not be going out a lot, so we might as well do it in style every time it happens! Popular styles are always a mix of everything – fashion runway trends, clothing people actually like wearing in real life, as well as things that get popularized by Instagram and YouTube influencers. Yep, you can’t ignore those creative folks, either! So here are 10 cute fashion trends to try this summer.

Baby Doll Dress

Baby doll dresses are hitting the fashion scene hard this year. Expect to see fashionistas rocking these cute garments all year round and don’t forget to try some bright, light-weight variations of the dress yourself. Look for subtle hues and pair them with any shoes you like – the wackier, the better!

Neon Colours

Is there anything brighter than a neon colour? You know the answer. It so happens that this summer neon colours rule both runway shows and streetwear trends. It’s hard to say ‘no’ to this bright happy splash of colour because it’s just so much fun to wear it. If you’ve ever wanted to try rocking some neon pants or a neon jumpsuit – now’s the time!

Puffed Sleeves

Puffed sleeves seem to be all the rage this summer. We’ve seen them on numerous fashion runways from Zimmermann and Richard Quinn, which means these sleeves are making a comeback in the streets as well. We’ve seen a bit of puffed sleeves last year and this summer they are even more popular. They can look like cute girly puffed sleeves or more elongated, chic variations.

Square-Toed Heels

When it comes to fashion we seem to focus on our clothing and tend to forget that our feet also like to be trendy. Opt for the freshest look of 2020 – square-toed shoes! Wear open square-toed sandals during warm summer months and transition into chic shoes later when the cold creeps in.

Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are still here and they won’t go anywhere in the nearest future. This means you can still try rocking this funky shape, which is perfect for summers as you get all the protection from the sun you need, or continue wearing bucket hats if you’ve already turned into a devoted fan. Either way, these hats are here to stay!


Sweat Shorts

We’ve seen our fair share of sweat pants over the last few months, but now it’s getting hotter, so it’s time to rock some trendy sweat shorts! And yes, they actually can look trendy if you choose the athleisure style for your walk to the mall. You can wear them while running errands or simply to feel comfy and cool at home lying on the couch.

Bold Prints

If neon isn’t quite your cup of tea, then how about some crazy prints? Huge roses, wild flower patterns, a splash of different hues mixed together in an abstract pattern – this summer we have all that and even more! It’s time to go a bit wild and show everyone what you’ve got.


Linen is the best fabric for summer wear and now it has actually become trendy! This means you will see more clothes made of linen, including pants, dresses, shirts, skirts, and all other garments suitable for summer. Linen is breathable, helps you keep cool, and looks absolutely gorgeous.

Sheer Layers

Transparent fabrics don’t really disappear for long, do they? After a while they hit the fashion runways with a bang and we’re left wondering how to incorporate wild sheer looks into our daily lives. Well, this summer it’s not only about sheer dresses, but also any sheer garment combinations you can come up with. Put a transparent shirt on top of your dress or T-shirt – and you’re good to go!

Yummy Colours

It seems everything is possible this summer when it comes to colours. A few of them will be dominating the summer fashion scene, so you might as well give them a try. Chartreuse is a bit tricky and can’t be worn by many, but if you can pull it off – go for it! Butter yellow is for those beautiful sunny days when you just want to be happy 24/7. Pink-and-orange may seem like an unlikely combination, but it looks fresh, chic, and incredibly sweet. Look for pink-and-orange patterns and light summer dresses that make these hues stand out even more.