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10 Kinds Of Indian Jewelry You Probably Didn’t Know About


Indian jewelry is exquisite and the range of different types of Indian jewelry is huge and diverse. There’s so many types and kinds of Indian jewelry, depending on the location of origin and the occasion for which it was intended to be worn. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?



1. Temple Jewelry
As the name suggests this type of jewelry was created to adorn deities. It’s used for decoration in temples and dates back to the 9th century. It’s also something the dancers in temples would wear back in the day. However, these days it’s sometimes seen at wedding and special events by women who really want to emphasized their love of tradition. This type of jewelry is usually quite heavy, big in size and made from yellow gold. Calling it statement jewelry would be an understatement, it’s really out there and often has depictions of goddesses on it.



2. Kundan Jewelry
Kundan jewelry originated in Rajasthan but eventually became popular throughout India. It’s one of the most expensive and most impressive looking kind of Indian jewelry. It involves a lot of glasswork to create glass beads that will then be set in gold. It’s beautiful and royal looking, which is why it’s sometimes worn to weddings by those who can afford it.


3. Antique Jewelry
The name really speaks for itself. Antique Indian jewelry is precious and rare. It’s usually quite massive and hefty but that’s because it’s so old. There’ actually a growing demand on antique Indian jewelry, and people are willing to shell out lots of cash because they know it’s a worthy investment.



4. Ivory Jewelry
Ivory is a controversial choice for jewelry these days, nonetheless it was very popular in the past and some people still like this jewelry because of the historical aspect, not to mention the masterful work put into it to create intricate designs out of ivory. Jewelry made from ivory is very expensive but some brides still choose to wear it to their wedding ceremony.


5. Meenakari Jewelry
Meenakari jewelry actually originated in Iran, but due to popularity and demand it became widely spread in India. This type of jewelry was one of the first ones to use engravings. A lot of the time Meenakari jewelry will have various scenes and designs carved into it using different colored enamels.




6. Lac Jewelry
Lac Jewelry is very popular because of how colorful it can be, but creating it is a very long and tedious process that begins from collecting resin from bugs. This type of jewelry is very popular in India, particularly in Rajasthan. Back in the day the designs on lac jewelry were mostly geometrical but these days you can see all sorts of motifs.


7. Tarakasi Jewelry
Tarakasi jewelry looks a lot like Greek jewelry, but with a little Indian twist. This style of jewelry originated in the late 1500s and instantly became popular thanks to its unique look. Tarakasi bracelets, necklaces and earrings are mostly made of silver and tend to feature floral designs. The filigree work on these makes them look very delicate and they’re much lighter than the traditional Indian jewelry.


8. Navaratna Jewelry
Navaratna Jewelry is a very interesting kind of Indian jewelry. It’s made not only to look gorgeous but also has mystical history of the origin. The main idea is to use 9 different gems in one piece of jewelry, and that is supposed to ensure the wellbeing of the person wearing it.



9. Pachchikam Jewelry
Pachchikam jewelry dates back centuries but you’ve probably seen very similar pieces showing up in as accessories in modern fashion. This kind of jewelry is quite affordable since the base material is almost always silver and the stones that are encrusted into it are semi-precious. This is a very eclectic type of jewelry, but it can definitely add a statement to your outfit.


10. Pearl Jewelry
Pearls are very popular in India, because they can be made to look casual or very festive, depending on the size of pearls, their color and how many rows of pearls you wear. That’s exactly what makes pearl jewelry perfect for any occasion.