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10 Outfit Color Combos You’ve Never Tried But Should


Sometimes, it gets tempting to wear all black everyday or the same boring jeans and tees. But there are tons of striking color combinations that are a heavenly match, waiting to be tried out by you. Here are the mot foolproof ones to experiment with this season.



1. Red and black. This screams dramatic, romantic, and makes you an automatic head turner. Try a bright red faux fur coat with black tights, or a red dress and a long, black coat.



2. Clashing pastels. Blending pastels is akin to blending naturals – it won’t ever be too loud, and you can’t go wrong. Try blending icy lavender, rose quartz, sandy tones, and a dusty periwinkle.


3. White and brown. All white everything can be an overkill and a stain’s worst nightmare, but pairing it with black kind of makes you look like a waiter. Instead, brown offers a chic and timeless look which is versatile for a few seasons.



4. Different denim shades. This is no longer a Britney and Justin faux pas. Nowadays, it’s a high fashion look that Gigi Hadid has rocked. But make sure the shades don’t match.


5. Marsala and gray. Marsala is like burgundy, but more lush, as though it’s been mixed with merlot. Paired with gray, you instantly turn into a stylish trend-setter with a timeless eye.




6. Gray and green. Whether mint, sage, or emerald, these two colors are a foolproof fall and winter combination. It’s not a boring combination but it is work appropriate.


7. Black and camel. These color evoke Italy and fashionistas rocking berets. It’s more interesting than a bunch of tan colors put together and is a fantastic use of color blocking.


8. Pale pink and emerald. Inspired by a Rachel Antonoff lounge look, we love a silk green soft trouser combined with a pale pink button down or blouse.



9. Rust and sand. These aren’t the sexiest names, but they do make for a smoldering aesthetic. Celine utilized this color combo in her runny looks recently and proved that they definitely work in harmony.


10. Metallic silver and white. This ice queen look is for those who aren’t the most adventurous with color choice, but baby steps, right? It is modern, stark, and minimalist – the perfect palette for New Year’s or a birthday bash.