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10 Signs You Have a Slow Metabolism


There’s nothing more discouraging that piling on pounds even as you work hard to eat healthy and exercise above the recommended amount. Keep an eye out for potential metabolic or thyroid issues – here are some of the most popular symptoms.



1. You feel tired all the time.
When you body burns energy more slowly than it should, a sleepy and fatigued feeling comes with that. This is a big red flag, besides weight gain.



2. You’ve experienced unexplained weight gain.
If pounds seem to be latching on more than usual, tracking calories and weighing yourself on a schedule is a good way to identify slow metabolism.

3. You find it nearly impossible to lose weight.
It’s an uphill battle, despite your healthy lifestyle. While losing weight becomes tougher the older you get, a slow metabolism can be the culprit if you’re taking all other measures and seeing no results.




4. Your skin is unusually dry.
Does flaky skin come even though you’re chugging tons of water and slathering on the moisturizer? A slow metabolism might mean that skin isn’t getting the necessary nutrients it needs.

5. You’re losing hair.
The same reasoning for dry skin goes for hair loss or slow growth. It doesn’t mean you’re aging rapidly, but you might want to examine that metabolism and speak with a physician.



6. Constipation.
It’s harder for food to be processed and broken down in the GI track for those with low metabolic rate, and this leads to serious constipation at times.

7. You feel cold all the time.
It could be more than a desire to be cozy. This can often be a symptom of hypothyroidism while slows the metabolism and infers an under-active thyroid.

8. Headaches that persist.
Frequent headache attacks or even more intense migraines can be caused by a Rowling metabolism due to under-active thyroid glands.



9. Sugar cravings.
If you’re craving sugar and carbs all the time, it might be something more than a want to eat your feelings. It may be insulin resistance in action which makes metabolism sluggish.

10. Feelings of depression.
This may surprise you, but gut health is affected by metabolism, and also effects your mood. A slow metabolism can slow your body’s functions and hence your brain, causing feelings of depression.