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10 Spring Trends That Are All Over Pinterest



It seems as though the past winter has been never-ending, and we can’t wait to break out of our sweats and parkas. Stay ahead of the herd with these style hacks for the Spring season.



1. Sage Green

For lovers of the color green, spring is a sad time when you need to retire your cargos, emeralds, and forest shades. Our solution? Sage green. It’s subtle enough to weave in with neutrals, and brings to mind an organic and herb inspired aesthetic that is still season-appropriate.


2. Pastel Suit

You don’t have to sacrifice your femininity to portray your power. Suits in Easter colors are a way to quietly dominate a room without weighing yourself down with dark, stodgy colors. A light pink suit with sky-high stilettos is officially the statement look of 2019 for strong gals.



3. Neon

Maybe pastel isn’t enough for you to get noticed. If you like to be the center of attention in a room, try a neon yellow, turtleneck crop top or some bright pink bike spandex shorts layered under a dress or oversized white tee.


4. Sophisticated Crochet

Does this give you Woodstock PTSD? While we love some vintage threads, crochet is a tired medium that’s been done over and over. But this time, it’s not beach Boho chic – think more Jackie Kennedy. With black and whites, and tailored silhouettes, crochet is getting a full makeover.


5. Gilded Pukka Shelves

No, not Pukka like your ex-boyfriend from college with his gross man sandals and cargo shorts. Think of this fashion update with a 14k plated gold remix, in the form of hoop earrings, chokers, or an elevated bracelet.



6. Wrap Dresses

Transport yourself to St. Barth’s with this easy, breezy and very flattering trend. Maxi dresses are so yesterday – swap yours out for this low maintenance and versatile look. Can be worn by itself during the day, or you can hide some slinky lingerie or a body con dress underneath for a nightlife look.



7. Bike Shorts

You can do all the man spreading you want if you’re wearing some bike shorts. They double as Spanx, and are a fantastic layering basic with endless possibilities that is set to take over 2019 athleisure for spring.


8. Pinafore Look

Overalls and the apron style dress have a comfortable fit, bringing a cute, tomboy inspired aspect to any look. Cooler days might necessitate a fitted long sleeve shirt, while warmer days might work better with a full coverage bralette or t-shirt.


9. Scrunchies

This is no longer an embarrassing ‘80s accessory. Scrunchies are back with a vengeance, in high end materials like silk, or in bold stripes, matching your outfit in a more playful manner than some jewelry would. Plus, no more snagging and scalp pain from ugly hair elastics.



10. Signet Rings

This flat topped ring is trending in gold, bronze and copper, with a highlight on customizable surfaces. Consumers can choose to go with custom engraved statements or symbols, which are a popular choice for the coming season. Choose a symbol like a family crest, or engrave an inside joke between you and bae.