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11 Types Of Sarees You Need To Have In Your Wardrobe


Saree is not just a piece of cloth you wrap around your waist in a beautiful way – it’s much more than that! Sarees are deeply rooted in Indian culture and traditions, which means there are different sarees for various occasions and special events like weddings and birthdays. Colours and ornaments also change from state to state! It’s like a whole new world of gorgeous embroideries, elegant silhouettes, and breathtaking colour combinations you had no idea about. Here are 11 types of sarees you need to have in your wardrobe.



Kanjeevaram (Tamil Nadu)
Hand-woven sarees from Kanjeevaram are rich in texture, elegant, and will make any woman look graceful like a princess from the days of Ancient India. It’s a one-drape piece that should be worn to a truly special occasion.



Bomkai (Odisha)
When it comes to festive wear nothing can quite compare to a gorgeous-looking Bomkai saree from Odisha. Made with gentle silk, this nine-yard gorgeousness comes with breath-taking thread work and intricate embroidery.


Muga (Assam)
Exquisite Muga sarees of Assam are prepared with a special type of silk from a larvae that feeds on specific leaves from this region only. This is known to be one of the best silks in the world, making Muga sarees a rare and spectacular garment any woman would dream to have in her closet.



Bandhani (Gujarat)
Bandhani sarees were first made by the weavers in Gujarat who used a special tie and dye technique called bandhan, hence the name. Their colours and patterns vary, making it a perfect saree for a wide range of occasions.


Banarasi (Varanasi)
Back in the day only Royalty could afford wearing Banarasi sarees as they were made with real gold and silver threads. One such saree could take up to one year to weave! Nowadays Banarasi sarees are more affordable, but they still look like something only a Rani would wear.




Kasavu (Kerala)
Kasavu sarees are characterized by simple, yet elegant gold-and-white designs that are perfect for small-scale events and everyday wear. They offer an iconic traditional look from Kerala that will suit women of all ages.


Pochampally (Telangana)
Pochampally sarees are made with a mix of high-quality silk and cotton, offering an elegant silhouette with traditional geometric ikat designs of Telangana. They are perfect for creating a spectacular ethnic look that is both modern and classy.



Paithani (Maharashtra)
Paithani sarees look most beautiful using a special light-and-shade technique that weaves together silk of different colours. They come with gorgeous peacock designs and wide borders. It’s a must-have for any woman who’s opting for a traditional look with a modern twist.


Leheriya (Rajasthan)
Rajasthan gets unbearably hot during summers, that’s why Leheriya sarees from this state are light as a feather and come in a variety of bright and bold colours. You should definitely have a few of striped Leheriya sarees in your wardrobe to look stylish despite all the heat.



Baluchari (West Bengal)
If you want to truly stand out at any event, then opt for a breathtaking Baluchari saree that features scenes from Ramayana and Mahabharata woven intricately along its borders. It’s one of the most exquisite types of sarees that will make any girl look like Royalty.


Chikankari (Lucknow)
Chikankari embroidery is the epitome of elegance and simplicity. You can find it only in Lucknow and it’s an art that you’ll fall in love with the moment you see it. Before it was done mostly on muslin, but now you can find it on a variety of materials.