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12 Jewelry Trends Everyone Will Be Buying This Summer



We’re all used to the dainty everyday jewelry at this point. It’s all we see – small earrings, dainty little golden chokers, a delicate gold bracelet here and there. The most anyone has dared to do in terms of accessories lately is maybe layer a few dainty necklaces together. But all that is about to change. Jewelry trends for summer 2019 are looking chunky, bright and very much like statement pieces. They’re bold and eye-catching, so if you like to be the center of attention and you love massive accessories – your time has come. Let’s take a look at 12 jewelry everyone will be buying this summer.



1. Chunky Hoops
Hoops never really went out of style, but there’s always a slight variation of what’s cool this season. They used to be big and colorful in the 80s, then rather slim gold or silver ones in the 90s and it looks like for summer 2019 chunky gold hoops are it.


2. Seashells
The most summery of trends is seashells. We’ve seen them all over the spring and summer runways. Seashell earrings, bracelets, necklaces and all sorts of accessories. And there’s a lot of variety too, they can be big and bold, worn on a chain, real ones or gold ones. You’ll definitely find a seashell accessory you love.



3. Statement Cuffs
Recently ear cuffs were always minimalistic and quite sleek. Something to add a little bit of character or edge and finish off the look, but never really the focal point of a look. Well this summer ear cuffs are getting the attention they deserve – the bigger the better.


4. Dripping Crystals
Crystal tassel earrings are back in a major way this summer. The more bling you can get – the more fashionable you will be. And don’t limit yourself to just earrings either. Dripping crystal necklaces and bracelets are also great options.

5. Wild West Feathers
Turns out feather earrings aren’t just for festivals, they’re getting mainstream this summer and have been heavily featured on the spring/summer runways this year. So wear them proudly and savor the moment, because you never know how long will this trend last.


6. Modern Pearls
Pears have this stigma around them, they’re something your mom or your grandma wears, they’re classy but old-fashioned and conservative. Well forget all about that because they’re getting a new life, it’s no longer about a string of pearls, these new designs really make the pearls look hella modern and fresh.




7. Chains
Chains have been all over the fashion scene for summer 2019. You no longer need to be a rapper or a hip hop artist to pull off a massive chain necklace. They’re back and bigger than ever, think really massive industrial chains for this season.


8. Layered Statement Necklaces
We’ve mentioned at the very beginning that this summer is all about big, bold, beautiful jewelry and turns out you don’t even have to pick one statement necklace. Models on runways have been seen layering them so feel free to pile them on.

9. New Age Chokers
Chokers are staying around and getting freakier this summer. We’ve seen it all at fashion shows: big colorful ones, chunky metal ones, some with bling, some with ribbons, with pearls, golden ones. So take your pick and run with it.


10. Oversized Hearts
This oversized heart jewelry trend is very reminiscent of the 80s, don’t you think? The biggest designers and fashion houses are pushing massive heart jewelry, be it big golden heart necklaces or bedazzled chunky heart earrings.



11. Arm Cuffs
This is something we haven’t seen in years, but looks like arm cuffs might be making a comeback. If you watched the New York, London or Paris fashion shows you’ve probably noticed a few of these snake arm cuffs too.


12.Layered Chunky Bangles
Massive cuff bracelets worn in layers are also a massive trend present in almost every single fashion show for spring and summer of 2019. There’s golden bangles, intricate cuffs encrusted with crystal and diamonds, big chunky gems, you name it – we’ve seen it.