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12 Style Trends To Bring Back From The 90’s


As we get further into the new millennium, the nostalgia for everything 90’s gets even stronger. From movies to songs, fashion to technology, the 90’s was a great era for pop culture. A new generation of youth weren’t even alive for the 90’s, but are increasingly as obsessed with the decade as the generations who grew up in it. Some 90’s fashion trends have made their way back to the mainstream, while others seem to be gone forever. But here are 12 notable style trends to take you back down 90’s memory lane.



Overalls With One Strap Down
There may be nothing more 90’s than the one-strap hanging overall look. Will Smith was the king of pulling off this look, and made us all feel cooler than cool when we let that legendary strap hang too.



Raiders Snapbacks
Back in the 90’s, rap groups like NWA cemented Raiders snapbacks into a nationwide pop culture staple and fashion trend, representing gangsta rap, the California lifestyle, and generally rebelling against mainstream societal norms.


Neon Windbreakers
Another quintessential 90’s trend is the iconic neon windbreaker, a trend that every kid could sport, no matter the clique or social affiliation.



Different colored bandanas were also a staple of 90’s urban style, and have definitely made a comeback as a trend worn more widely and creatively than in the past.


Solid Tees Over Blazers
A solid tee under a snazzy blazer was totally dapper in the 90’s, and some of the biggest stars rocked this style.



No other sunglasses brand mattered in the 90’s and if you didn’t own a pair of Oakleys, you might get a sideways glance or two.



Guess Jeans
You could catch one in every two girls wearing Guess jeans in the 90’s, and it’s definitely a trend that can make anybody over the age of 25 get nostalgic.



Floating Rice Name Necklaces
Although looking back on this trend can make one question why it ever started, floating rice necklaces— with a grain of rice inscribed with your name, floating in water – was the premier jewelry choice of teeny boppers everywhere in the 90’s.


Bucket Hats
Made popular by rappers like LL Cool J and Rakim, bucket hats were the ultimate swag accessory in the 90’s.



Shirts Tied Around The Waist
Tying a flannel shirt around your waste was one of the best casually dressed style trends of the 90’s. Nothing said laid back and cool like this trend.


Another staple fashion trend of the 90’s was flannel shirts, which represented the larger popularity of grunge culture, and was combined with something like concern t-shirts or tied around the waist.



Starter Jackets
Although the brand existed over a decade prior, Starter jackets became synonymous with 90’s intersection of pop culture, sports and Hip Hop, as everyone from TV stars to rappers to comedians to professional athletes all rocked and endorsed these legendary jackets.