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14 Gorgeous Wedding Dress Colors That Totally Stand Out


What’s the first image that comes to mind when you hear the words “wedding dress”? I bet it’s something white. Most of us grew up thinking that the only choice for a wedding dress is white, or maybe off white. That’s the traditional option. However, these days we see more and more brides throw caution to the wind and choose their wedding dresses based on what they like and what they think looks good, not what one would traditionally think a wedding dress would look like. We’ve all grown accustomed to less traditional cuts of wedding dresses, you rarely see those big poofy ones. It’s all about complimenting the figure and going with the stylet that suits you rather than the traditional shape. The lengths have changed too, now there’s long trains and mermaid tails and even cute short wedding dresses. So why not play with color too?



1. Blue
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue… that’s how it goes right? Well why not make your wedding dress blue? Blue wedding dresses look very ephemeral and unusual, very Cinderella like, but without being too out there in terms of the color.



2. Blush
Blush has been a popular wedding dress color choice for a while now and it makes sense. It’s different yet just neutral enough. A blush colored wedding dress can look very elegant and fairy tale like. If you want to look like a fairytale princess on your wedding – this is a great choice.



3. Red
If you want to make a huge statement – red is the way to go. Such a bold color will definitely make a lasting impression. Plus vivid red is great for showing detail if your dress has a lot of lacy elements, and it can make even the plainest dress look regal.

4. Floral
Modern floral wedding dresses are so cute and flirty. A perfect way to add a bit of color and feel like a woodland fairy. Floral wedding dresses are perfect for spring weddings, imagine how good they look at an outdoor ceremony in the woods or at the beach.



5. Green
Who would’ve thought greed wedding dresses are a thing? But look how gorgeous they can look. The key thing is to find a nice vivid green color. Mint wedding dresses are also a great option, but finding a perfect mint green wedding dress is a real challenge.

6. Grey
A grey dress can look surprisingly feminine and sensual. Not many people think of grey as an option for a wedding dress, they think it’s too dull of a color, but look how gorgeous of an option it can be.




7. Tan
Tan dresses are perfect for beach weddings, they are made for looking amazing in the sun and complimenting a lovely tan skin tone. It’s also a nice neutral option if you want something classic and traditional but not white.



8. Yellow
t’s perfect for autumn and summer weddings. Picking the right shade can change the whole mood of the event, so go for warm shades to make you and the whole wedding feel more cozy and warm.

9. Pink
Not everyone can pull of a full pink wedding dress, but adding elements of pink, or at least making the skirt part of your dress out of pink tulle can add a little carefree youthful touch to your dress and your wedding day.



10. Nude
They make everything look both sexy and elegant. And if you get a dress that literally matched your skin tone you’ll be surprised how amazing you will look wearing it, it’ll highlight all of your best features.

11. Lilac
Purple is a great color, but it might be a bit too much for a wedding dress. But there’s a way to sneak it in by choosing a more pastel option. For those who love pastel shades lilac is the perfect option. It’s delicate and very beautiful. It’ll look good in any weather and any season.



12. Black
Black isn’t exactly associated with weddings. But if you just love black or want to go for that gothic theme – go for it. There are so many black wedding dress option these days – you’re bound to find a great one.

13. Gold
A gold wedding gown will definitely make a statement. I mean, you might look like an Oscar depending on what shape of a wedding dress you go with, but hey, the guy should know that you’re the biggest and most important award he’ll ever get. And it’s your wedding, your golden hour, seems fitting don’t you think?



14. Glitter
Who doesn’t a love a bit of glitter? It’s the most festive you can get with your dress. And while there are few occasions for which a full glitter dress is appropriate – your wedding is definitely a good time to go all out and embrace the glitter and sequins if that’s what your heart desires.