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14 Hottest Summer Fashion Trends of 2019


Summertime means summer fashion trends and it can be quite tricky. When it’s hot outside you don’t want to spend ages putting together an outfit and you also don’t want to wear lots. You want to look fresh and cute and effortless, yet stylish as hell. Sure you can always go for shorts and a t-shirt, but you risk looking a bit basic. If you really want to look your best this summer here are a couple of essentials you might want to include in your day to day outfits.
1. Biker Shorts
You can’t talk about summer trends and not mention biker shorts. We’re pretty sure it’s illegal to not own at least one pair at this point. They’re comfy, they’re stylish, you can wear them with literally anything from a simple tee to a cool blazer and you can always wear them under a dress to save your modesty in case of wind.

2. Knit Summer Top
It sounds weird but honestly it’s the best trend of this summer. They’re comfy and chic at the same time and look equally good with high waisted jeans or wide legged summer trousers. We’re pretty sure you can even wear them to the office.

3. Strappy Sandals
It’s what you need this summer – shoes that are so light you don’t really even feel them. Whether you prefer heeled ones or flats it’s up to you. But we’re very happy about the flats.


4. Bucket Hat
Another nostalgia piece from our childhood – the bucket hat. It might take a little while to get used to it if you haven’t worn one since you were 8, but it really is super trendy this summer. And as a bonus, it’ll protect you from the sun and make sure you don’t get a heat stroke.

5. Hair Accessories
This summer is all about hair accessories. Big hairpins and scrunchies are in. Think 80s and middle school. Another way to instantly make you look more summery is to wear bows and ribbons in your hair.

6. One Shoulder Top
Off shoulder tops are nice, but this summer is all about one shoulder tops. They can look risky and very elegant at the same time. Just depends on what you pair them with.

7. Boiler Suit
Boiler suits are the best option for a lazy day. Synched at the waist, they’re just effortlessly cool if you wear them with heels and insanely comfortable and cute when worn with flats. Plus, it’s an outfit you don’t have to think about, you just put on one item of clothing on and you’re done.

8. Puff Sleeves
We’ve missed a good puff sleeve so it’s great to see it come back. It’s been a while. They always add a little something to your outfit and playing with silhouette and structure is always fun. So go ahead and get yourself a puff sleeve dress or top.


9. Midi Skirt With A Slit
Midi skirts have been around for a hot minute, but we like the addition of the slit for summer. And it really does work in any material, be it a knit skirt, a denim one or one of those super light floral ones you’d wear on vacation.

10. Little White Dress
It’s the summer version of a little black dress, but make it white, add some cutouts, and take it from day at the beach to an evening dinner at the restaurant with a simple change of shoes. These little white dresses are literally perfect for any occasion.


11. Neon
Let’s talk about colors and patterns. A pop of neon is definitely IN this summer. So whether you want to get a neon green top, shorts or a bright neon swimsuit – just go ahead. It’ll make you stand out wherever you are but in a good way, because it’s very trendy this season.

12. Polka Dots
Another thing that we’ve seen all over the summer collections is polka dots. And strangely there’s no rule this time around. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small polka dots, as long as you have some version of it you’ll be on trend. But black and white ones seem to be the most popular.


13. Tie-Dye
This fun and nostalgic print was made for summer, so it’s only fitting that it’s back in style. We’ve seen tie-dye crops, tees, jeans, dresses. Really, when it comes to tie-dye this summer – anything goes.

14. Fringe
Fringe seems to be the theme of 2019. It emerged in the autumn-winter collections and it’s definitely staying for summer. So fringe skirts and even fringe swimsuits are definitely a good idea. If you can combine that with animal print you won’t be wrong either.