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19 Most Memorable Looks From Met Gala 2019



Met Gala is the most exciting event in the world of fashion, it’s basically the equivalent of Oscars but for costumes and outfits. Celebs spend months carefully planning what they will wear, we all look forward to this day with trepidation and childlike enthusiasm and once a year we all gather to watch the parade of fabulous outfits at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Every year there’s a theme that determines the style of the event and sets our expectations pretty high. This year’s Met Gala theme was Camp: Notes on Fashion.


Camp, of course, is a very unusual style, because the whole idea of it is to see ironic value in things that are considered by many to be bad taste or quite gaudy. It’s certainly an interesting choice of aesthetic for the Met Gala and oh the stars did not disappoint us with their fashion picks. Take a look at 19 most memorable Met Gala looks of 2019.



1. Ezra Miller made everyone do a double take not only because he wore a bejeweled corset over a suit, but his makeup was what really shocked us. All eyes were on him, quite literally. That is a very fascinating makeup choice. You can’t look at it for too long cause it makes your eyes feel funny, but you also can’t look away.


2. Anna Wintour. We would joke about florals for spring not being exactly groundbreaking, but it’s Anna Wintour so we can’t. The floral pink dress with a feathery cape on top – it was definitely an outfit that screamed camp.


3. Lady Gaga wouldn’t be herself if she didn’t try to do something crazy and this year her element of surprise wasn’t just one outfit. She did a full blown 4 outfit transformation where she kept taking off dresses to reveal another outfit underneath.


4. Billy Porter arrived like an Egyptian king, being carried by 6 shirtless guys. His outfit consisted of a bejeweled gold catsuit, complete with gold shoes, a gold headpiece and custom gold wings. He was basically a work of art and an installation at the same time.



5. Harry Styles cohosted the Met Gala this year and his look was beyond perfect. The sheer black blouse with frills was absolutely stunning and the high-waisted trousers paired with a heeled boot added to the look. The pearl earring was the cherry on top of this frilly romantic and slightly Victorian outfit.


6. Hamish Bowles was the epitome of camp at the Met Gala. Let’s just all agree that his purple look was everything we didn’t know we always wanted on the pink carpet. That colorful cape with pink and grey feathers was what put this whole ensemble over the top and we all loved it.


7. Celine Dion said that she wasn’t quite sure what was expected of her when it came to the theme of this year’s Met Gala. At first she thought it meant camp like summer camp, like we’re going camping. But in the end she decided to go with something luxurious and timeless. And let’s just agree that without realizing it – she absolutely nailed it.


8. Ashley Graham wore all over Gucci. The red and greed blazer she wore as a dress fit her like a glove, and those hair accessories definitely added more character and intention to her look. Would we wear this many hair accessories all at once? Yeah, if we’re going to the Met Gala.


9. The Kardashians always put on a good show at the Met Gala, but this time Kim outdid herself. She showed up in a Mugler dress that was dripping with crystals and made her look like she just emerged from the sea. Her figure also sparked a lot of interest, because her waist to hip proportion is just insane. Some even speculate that she removed some ribs to look like that.



10. Saoirse Ronan wore an absolutely stunning Gucci dress with exaggerated shoulders that had dragons on them. She looked so glorious she would have easily been a superhero or a character from Game of Thrones.



11. Hailey Bieber decided to go with business in the front, party in the back for the Met Gala look. The pink Alexander Wang dress she wore literally had a huge cutout in the back, how very risqué of Hailye.


12. Priyanka Chopra and Joe Jonas
Priyanka Chopra went full fairy tale with her outfit for this year’s Met Gala. She kind of looked like she stepped out of Alice in Wonderland and straight onto the pink carpet. Joe however, looked almost the same as he did at his wedding.


13. Lupita Nyong’o absolutely nailed the theme of Camp: Notes on Fashion with her pink dress and rainbow shoulder details that looked almost like wings. She also managed to sneak in an important message about heritage, black art with her hairstyle.


14. Katy Perry lit up the carpet quite literally, because she showed up looking like a chandelier. She sparkled from head to toe but that’s nothing new for Katy, she’s got a reputation for making a spectacle at the Met Gala.


15. Jared Leto, like many at this year’s Met Gala wore a Gucci gown, but he took it a step further and brought his own head as an accessory. That’s right, it’s a Jared Leto head clutch he’s holding.


16. Gigi Hadid looked cool and icy this year in a white, silver and gold catsuit with matching heels and headpiece, and a stunning cape adorned with feathers designed by Michael Kors. Oh and incidentally Kors was her date for the Met Gala. Those extra silver eyelashes made the whole look even more impressive, but there’s no way that was comfortable.



17. Kacey Musgraves probably thought “what’s more camp than a barby?” and ran with that idea for her Met Gala outfit. And she did look like such a doll in all that pink. We especially appreciate the little details like the small pink hairdryer.


18. Zendaya clearly channeled Cinderella at the Met Gala. And you know what, we see what she was going for. We absolutely loved how her dress lit up, it added even more magic to her otherwise fairytale look.


19. Cardi B kind of brought the red carpet to the Met Gala pink carpet. Her dress kind of looked like a red dawn filled duvet but perfectly tailored to her body. And oh yer, those jewels on her chest are real rubies.