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6 Key Tips on How to Wear All White Outfits



There is nothing like an all-white outfit to make yourself feel chic and fashionable. White is a basic color that can be transformed from casual streetwear to ballroom worthy. This is what makes all-white outfits a trend that will never go out of style. While there are fewer rules dictating when you can wear all-white, there are a few rules of thumb for how to wear this classic outfit. To learn more, here are 6 key tips on how to wear all-white outfits.



Match whites
Keeping in mind the tones and color variance of your different white pieces is an essential rule to all-white outfits. Mixing different shades can be a good look, but can also be detrimental to the ensemble. Be sure to check out the entire outfit under a few types of lighting. Make sure your white complement each other and that one piece doesn’t look too overbearing or bright. Mismatched whites can really make or break your outfit.



Add accessories
Beautiful accessories are a great way to break up the monotony of an all-white outfit. White is the perfect neutral color, and allows you the freedom to be daring a creative with your accessories. Try beachy accessories for a fun, casual look, gold to cast an elegant glow, or a pop of colors to make a bold statement. Depending on what you choose, your accessories will give your all-white outfit definition and style.

Play with textures
Wearing monochromatic outfits also lends to your ability to use your imagination with textures. Pairing different textures can spice up your all-white, and will give you an air of sophistication and fashion-forwardness. Try matching jeans with knit tops, or a silk skirt and big sweater. Textures will add dimension and will help you keep your white outfit from becoming flat and boring.




Compound layers
Add more depth to your all-white outfit by adding layers. This plays well with the varying textures rule, as layered textures can give you dual benefits. Try pairing a long skirt with a shorter sweater or, a blouse with a cardigan. Layers are a great way to be playful with your all-white fit.

Balance varying shapes and fits
All-white is tricky and can either be super chic or look like a set of sheets. To ensure your all-white is the most flattering it can be, pay attention to the varying fit of different pieces. Try to pair form-fitting with looser pieces, to accentuate your curves with taste.



Mix in neutral colors
While all-white is a classic look, white from head to toe can be overkill and throw your look totally off. Also, it is even harder to keep accessories, like your shoes and bag, to stay clean than your actual outfit. Use neutral colors, like beige or silver, for shoes, purses, and even nails and makeup.