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8 Luxury Brands That Are Worth Your Money


With brands having so much access to consumers through social media advertising, there are thousands of different brands all vying for your attention. And social ads may paint a pretty picture, but do we really know what most of these brands are about? It’s hard to decipher and sort through so many start-up companies, especially ones that claim to have high-end products. But before spending your money, it is important to determine whether these brands truly have exceptional luxury products. To learn about a few companies that are doing things better than the rest, check out these 8 luxury brands that are worth your money.


Not only are Loewe pieces gorgeously designed, this Spanish brand cares about the environment. Loewe is committed to a very advanced sustainability policy for a fashion brand, that aligns its production with leading environmental practices for resourcing and manufacturing their products.

C/MEO Collective

With a price point for many pieces at just around $200, Australian brand C/MEO Collective is one of the more affordable luxury brands that are popular right now. But offering the consumer less expensive options has not cost C/MEO Collective pieces the feel of luxury, as the company strives to use premium materials and innovative fashion.

Rebecca Taylor

This beautiful womenswear brands produces fashion pieces that every woman could stand to have in her closet. Sophisticated yet whimsical, the Rebecca Taylor collection has everything from dresses, signature prints and luxury denim.


A Scandinavian brand, Ganni is known for its daring style and creatively intricate designs. Ganni is pushing the envelope for Scandinavian design, with is known for being more minimalistic in nature. Playfully designed pieces can be found for any season or occasion from Ganni.



If you’re looking for affordable yet high-end streetwear, look no further than Italian brand MSGM. This company provides consumers access to Italian fashion at a fraction of the cost compared to other leading luxury brands. There price point rests under $400 for many of their pieces.

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Prabal Gurung

A new piece from Nepalese-American brand Prabal Gurung will definitely make you feel like luxury. Based in New York City, this luxury brand plays with asymmetry in its designs, creating edgy and gorgeous pieces that make a statement. A few pieces from this brand will definitely give your wardrobe an upgrade.

Nars Cosmetics

If you’re looking to invest in new makeup supplies, luxury brand Nars Cosmetics lacks for nothing. Known for their beautiful use of color in their products, a Nars lipstick or concealer will give you the perfect pop of color for any style or wardrobe piece. Nars products are wearable, durable, yet beautiful and innovative – exactly what one would expect from high-end cosmetic lines.

Norma Kamali

Known for their elegant and practical designs, American brand Norma Kamali is has a longstanding reputation for luxury and quality. This brand offers affordable fashion, and well known for popularizing the “athleisure” fashion trend. Typical price points of Normal Kamali pieces range from $100-200, and do not sacrifice on the luxurious look or feel.