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8 Year Old Is Tokyo’s Biggest Fashion Icon coco_pinkprincess



Meet Coco. She’s currently 8 years old, was raised in Tokyo, and is one of the biggest fashion icons on Instagram right now.


Coco’s parents run a vintage clothing store in the trendy area known as Harajuku. Her vibe is totally high end, filled with attitude, and of course, more fashionable than all of the Sex and the City cast combined.



Don’t get it twisted – while her family might help manage her account, this sense of individuality and unique style is all thanks to Coco and her imagination, which lends more towards Anna Wintour than finger painting.


She goes by Pink Princess, and we’re betting that a lot of girls her age are jealous of that official moniker.


Sometime the looks are approachable or wearable, while other looks are just a complete mood with limited wearability in the real world.


The beauty behind Coco and her page is that she doesn’t really live in the real world – we’re obsessed with her one-of-a-kind layering ad color approaches. I mean, neon yellow slip-on sneakers and a metallic puffer coat paired with a burgundy maxi dress? Missy Elliott would be proud.




Usually her backgrounds are just as cool as her famous street style outfits, and we have serious #fomo regarding Coco’s travels.


Coco probably dresses better than you and most other adults, but she doesn’t let it get to her head. Instead, this is just her form of artistic expression.


The essence of Coco is youthful and precocious rebellion – however, she does have a strong “pink princess” side and we love her different identities. She might rock a kawaii look one day, and an edgy, punk one the next.


According to Coco’s mom, this fashionista started expressing an interest in out-of-the-box shopping by age three, but was still picking her wardrobe looks by age two. There’s no such thing as starting your dream too early!



We can’t wait for this little lady to make an appearance on the pages of many couture magazines, as well as music videos. Rihanna, take note!


We can’t wait to see how her the organically evolves as she gets older, and will still be here stealing her outfits for our daily inspiration.