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9 Most Famous Style Icons Of The 60s


People might look to the Kardashians and social media starlets for fashion sensibilities nowadays, but the true icons of fashion go all the way back to the 1960s. These women were remembered long past their prime, and their trends are still followed today. Here are our favorites that we will never forget.



1. Edie Sedgwick
Remember Factory Girl? Miss Sedgwick happened to be Andy Warhol’s muse, and she was also a very wealthy socialite. This supermodel coined the term it-girl, and still inspires with her bad girl eyeliner and mini mod dresses.



2. Brigitte Bardot
This French bombshell was known for her piled-high blond hair which was oh so messy chic, paired with that signature gap tooth. She dripped confidence and sexiness with everything she did, and magazines still try to emulate her hair today.


3. Twiggy
Twiggy became famous for her extremely thickly painted eyelashes, making the tomboy pixie look popular. Her locks were chopped off in 1966, and she became an overnight sensation, appearing on shopping bags and Warhol art, immortalized forever.


4. Jackie Kennedy
Jackie Kennedy, AKA, Miss Onassis, was the original fashionista First Lady, pre-Michelle Obama. Even through her husband’s passing, she always stayed chic in her pillbox hats, signature shades, and skirt suits.




5. Jane Birkin
Famously known for her starring role in “Blow Up”, Jane Birkin was known for her carefree spirit and her French-British fusion of style which charmed everyone – even the likes of Serge Gainsbourg.


6. Audrey Hepburn
This gal was as influential an actress as she was a style icon. We don’t know anyone else who rocks chic capri pants and ballet pumps like Audrey, and same goes for her notorious interpretation of the LB in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


7. Veruschka
Although you might be concerned that Veruschka needs a sandwich, photographers like Avedon and Helmut Newton saw her as a stunning muse waiting to be turned into art. Lips, eyes and legs, this babe was the definition of sixties chic.



8. Anita Pallenberg
This was the quintessential rock chick from the sixties. This may have been because she had affairs with half of the Rolling Stones, but can also be attributed to her thigh-high boots, super tight prints, and fringing style, which inspired the band and all of us.


9. Ursula Andress
Ursula’s most famous moment was definitely as a Bond girl, and she coined the cinematic “swimsuit moment.” But no one ever did it quite like Ursula did, with her femme fatale knife belt.