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Cinema Characters Whose Unique Style Started New Trends in Everyday Life


Designers and social media influencers certainly have started their fair share of trends, but some of the real style legends have been born from movie characters. The right outfits in movies can create a unique atmosphere and a more realistic aspect to characters. Many of these fashions, though the movies are decades old, have persevered and are still very much popular in 2020.

  1. Sharon Stone’s White Turtleneck Dress From “Basic Instinct”

Now that we think about it, Fashion Nova totally inspired Fashion Nova and tons of designers for years to come. Previous to this, we were used to plunging necklines and dramatic evening gowns. But this vampy dress proved that you can look high-end in a flawlessly cut sleeveless silhouette paired with a turtleneck top. It’s the chic minimalism, for us.

2. Everything Rachel Green Wore In “Friends”

We know that Jen has mixed feelings about her haircut from this popular 90s sitcom, but her fashion looks came out stunning, every time. They gave us real, tangible, every-girl fashion inspiration that we probably still use to this day. First instead, a tight long sleeved shirt under a spaghetti strapped dress with buttons going all the way down. Practical but elegant, and seasonal appropriate. Also, that checkered pencil skirt and sleeveless turtleneck gave us total “Clueless” vibes.

3. Cher and her friends’ style in “Clueless”

Loads of popular fashion brand were inspired by “Clueless,” but more importantly, the movie truly helped shaped 90s pop culture and the fashion scene for young girls. There were lots of memorable ensembles (Deon’s hat, anyone?), but those matching plaid suits were everything, with thigh-grazing skirts and white knee socks. Teens and millennials alike both rock those looks to this day.

4. Regina George’s Posse in “Means Girls”

It’s safe to say that “Mean Girls” launched a prep revolution with different tones of pink, miniskirts, plaid, and plenty of logos. Oh, and you can’t forget those velvet Juicy tracksuits and dramatic eyeliner. The looks were so emblematic of the early 2000s — we wouldn’t wear them now, but most definitely rocked them regularly back in the day.


5. Unusual fashion looks in “The Devil Wears Prada”

By far Anne Hathaway’s best role to date. Both Anne and Meryl wore jaw-dropping outfits in practically every scene of this film about the cutthroat fashion industry. Fashion lovers swooned when they saw the looks by famous designers. The pairings of different styles were daring but striking — bright colors and leopard print, anyone? Many of these looks trended for a lasting while after this movie was released.

6. The Elegant Retro Looks in “Carol”

Carol” gets many things right, and atmosphere is definitely one of them. The understated elegance of all the outfits really transported us back to a different time, and we loved how the beauty was all in the details. Vibrant colors, artfully tied neck and headscarves, and oversized brooches with skinny metal bracelets. And of course, a crimson lip to tie it all together. The vintage looks were all feminine but classy, and has inspired women of all walks ever since it was released.

7. Renata’s Intense, Bold Looks on “Big Little Lies”

Anyone who has watched “Big Little Lies” remembers the stylish powerhouse and force of nature that is Renata. Her outfits were a shining example of how you can display power, status, confidence, and most importantly, the strength of womanhood in your outfits. It was because of Renata’s wild personality that the stylist on set was able to experiment. Her red dress by Roland Mouret went viral on Lyst after she rocked it.

8. The flawless yellow dress from “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”

Yellow has never been a very popular color for women’s formal wear — both on-screen and off — especially back in the early 2000s. “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” changed all that with that iconic gala scene towards the end, with a silky yellow evening gown that grazed the ground and had a light flowiness with a dreamy bare back. The dress, designed by Dina Bar-El, was designed in yellow to enhance the 84-carat yellow diamond jewelry worn by Hudson in the movie, but after it played in theaters, girls all over were buying yellow evening dresses like no tomorrow.