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Fashionable Things Every Girl Can Take From Her Boyfriend’s Wardrobe


Some guys get annoyed when their girlfriends steal their clothing – others get turned on. But mostly, we find their clothes quite comfortable, and let’s face it: we look better in pretty much everything.



1. White button down
It’s no secret that guys love seeing women walk around with nothing but an oversized button down. It’s cute worn as a dress with thigh highs or tights, as well as paired with some skinny jeans.



2. Oversized sweater
Be it a hoodie or a cardigan, this look can be worn as a dress. Ariana Grande is sheer proof of that.


3. Baseball cap
It may look like a dad cap on him, but it makes you look like a street chic Sporty Spicy cutie. So supermodel off-duty.



4. Denim Jacket
This look is cute when fitted or baggy. Best when paired with tight jeans or a crop top – you don’t want to go too baggy, or it’ll go from sexy tomboy to twinning with bae way too fast.


5. Jeans
Is there anything more casual his than the notorious “boyfriend jean?” Cuff ‘em and throw on a belt.




6. Aviators
This essential accessory adds an androgynous rocker style to your look, creating a laidback edginess that’s trending all over social media.


7. Jersey
The sports jersey look isn’t for everyone, but if you have enough swag and confidence, you can look flawless in it. It ties a look together with an urban edge, and best rocked with one side messily tucked in.


8. Leather jacket
A cozy, seasonal transition staple, men’s leather jacket look chic and rugged, giving off a timeless energy. Plus, you didn’t have to shell out the expensive price if your boo already has one ready to borrow!



9. A flannel plaid shirt
Not only is this the most comfortable its of clothing ever, but these shirts are prime for layering and never go out of style, giving your look a grungy flair that Kurt Cobain would be proud of.


10. Varsity jacket
Back in the day, giving a girl your varsity jacket meant that you were going steady. It gives us 1950s vibes and is the perfect homage to high school culture that makes us feel forever young.