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From Elderly Laundromat Owners To Instagram Fashionistas


If you still believe that you need to spend lots of money to look cool, trendy and fashionable – think again. This elderly couple from Taiwan are laundromat owners and they’re taking over the internet with their incredible fashionable looks, put together with clothes that their clients left behind.

It just so happens that sometimes people forget to pick up their clothes for one reason or another. Sometimes you just forget and then think that it’s too late to come back for it because you assume it’s been discarded, other times you just move to a different place. But Hsu Sho-Er and Chang Wan Ji hold on to the clothes for a long while. Some of the items you’ll see below have remained unclaimed for over a decade.

They already have over 600k followers on Instagram, even though their account want show as young was created only a month ago. It all started when their grandson noticed that they’re bored. So he came up with a brilliant idea. He just wanted his grandparents to have a bit of fun, and also use the old abandoned clothes.

After all, fashion is cyclical and clothes are there to help you express yourself. This elderly couple in their 80s is living proof that you can make anything look good if you wear it with the right attitude.

It’s actually hard to believe they’re in their 80s because they look so stylish and it’s clear from the pictures that they’re having a lot of fun with this project. Their grandson runs the account and he often captions the pictures with how cute his grandparents are when modelling the clothes. They really get into the spirit of the photoshoot and start posing excitedly trying to find the best angle and the best outfit.


Hsu Sho-Er and Chang Wan Ji are properly excited and humbled by the amount of attention they’re getting and how quickly their following is growing. They couldn’t have imagined that they’d become internet sensations and fashion icons in their 80s.

Even the grandson that started the account didn’t really expect much to come from it. He thought it would just be a fun project for him and his grandparents. He thought that not many people would be into this, but boy was he wrong.

This has to be one of the most rapidly growing Instagram accounts we’ve ever seen and it looks like people all over the world find the elderly fashionistas to be the most adorable thing they’ve seen in their life.

And you know what, we fully agree with that sentiment. The Taiwanese grandma and grandpa are fashion icons now and we can only hope they’ll keep serving us some fierce looks for a long time to come.