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Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Most Controversial Fashion Fumbles


Kimberly Guilfoyle is no stranger to the spotlight, and her fashion choices often reflect her larger-than-life personality. While she certainly knows how to turn heads, sometimes her outfits make headlines for all the wrong reasons. From glitzy galas to casual BBQs, Guilfoyle’s wardrobe has sparked everything from admiration to outright confusion. Get ready to dive into a whirlwind of sequins, latex, and lace as we explore some of her most eyebrow-raising fashion moments. Buckle up; it’s going to be a wild ride through the wardrobe of one of America’s most talked-about personalities.

1. Nonprofit Event 

At a recent Tigger Stavola Foundation event, Kimberly Guilfoyle shocked attendees with a revealing pink mini dress by Rebecca Vallance. The dress, featuring a cropped front with diamante trim, was criticized for being inappropriate for a charity event focused on addiction recovery, sparking backlash on social media.

2. Fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago

At a fundraiser for Republican Congress candidate Abraham “Abe” Hamadeh at Mar-a-Lago, Kimberly Guilfoyle’s fashion choice was once again a topic of conversation. She donned a knee-length black pencil dress featuring a dramatic plunging neckline and a thigh-high slit, accentuated with sheer, sparkly mesh. Despite being eye-catching, many criticized the outfit for being too revealing for a political fundraiser. Even among her usual supporters, the dress drew backlash, with many fans expressing that it was not suitable for the formal event and urging her to opt for more appropriate attire in the future.

3. Barbiecore Birthday

For her 55th birthday party, Kimberly Guilfoyle embraced the Barbiecore trend in a strapless mini-dress covered in bright pink spangles. The look, however, was compared to an episode of MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16,” with critics saying she appeared to be reliving her teenage years. She paired the dress with silver platform sandals and statement earrings. The outfit drew mixed reactions, with some social media users suggesting she should dress more age-appropriately, while others simply commented on the excessive plasticity of her appearance.

4. Son’s Prom

Guilfoyle’s bold fashion choices weren’t confined to charity events. In April, she made waves at her son’s prom by donning a rather controversial outfit. She chose the Juliana puff-sleeve mini dress by Rebecca Vallance, a lilac number featuring dramatic puff sleeves and a daring cut-out down the middle of the chest. The dress was further embellished with three sparkling bows, leading to an exposed area of her midsection. While the look was undoubtedly eye-catching, it was widely considered inappropriate for such a family-focused event, drawing significant criticism from onlookers and social media users alike.


5. Helping A Hero Event

On May 23, Kimberly Guilfoyle attended the Helping A Hero event, a nonprofit fundraiser dedicated to raising money for wounded veterans. For the occasion, she opted for a striking outfit by Rebecca Vallance. The dress was a vibrant red minidress, with decorative diamante hearts down the front and a bold cutout that exposed her midriff. Guilfoyle shared a few snapshots from the event on Instagram, including one where she posed alongside celebrity chef Paula Deen. While the event aimed to honor a noble cause, the attention quickly shifted to her daring outfit, which many felt overshadowed the evening’s purpose.

6. New York Fashion Week 

At New York Fashion Week Guilfoyle attended Malaysian designer Zang Toi’s runway show in a dress adorned with butterfly appliques on the sleeves. Unfortunately, the dress’s sheer material became a problem under the paparazzi’s flashing lights, revealing her undergarments in photos. Despite her intention to impress at the fashion event, the outfit became a memorable faux pas.

7. Impact Wealth Magazine Photoshoot

Kimberly Guilfoyle’s photoshoot for the Winter 2023 issue of *Impact Wealth* magazine stirred quite the reaction—and not in a good way. Donning an array of brightly-colored and high-end outfits, Guilfoyle aimed to embody a luxurious lifestyle but instead ended up the target of social media ridicule. The photos featured her in vibrant yellows, reds, and whites, often with sheer fabrics and elaborate jewelry, all heavily airbrushed and photoshopped.

The criticism was swift and unkind. Many users on X (formerly Twitter) found her outfits to be garish and over-the-top, with some comparing her photoshopping to that of the Kardashians. Comments ranged from “Lol. That’s horrifying” to “More photoshopping than the Kardashians” and “What the hell is *Impact Wealth* magazine?” Everyone agreed that the lavish photoshoot was a major fashion misstep, overshadowing any intended message about wealth or wisdom.

Kimberly Guilfoyle’s fashion choices frequently challenge conventional norms, yet these incidents underscore instances where her daring style fell short, creating an unfavorable lasting impression. Whether it’s the venue or the audience, Guilfoyle’s sartorial statements continue to stir debate and capture headlines.