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Lip Jewelry Is The New, Hot Trend That’s Better Than Makeup


Lipstick is one thing, but have you ever tried lip jewelry? Keren Wolf is paving the way, and it’s all the blinged out goodness that we could ever wish for.

Wolf first came to fame when her lip bling was seen on Madonna, and after being led to her site, we’re absolutely obsessed.

Some designs look like a riff on lip piercings, while others are more elegant and accessory like.

Some frame the lips in gold like lipliner, while others can be placed over both entire lips, giving the appearance of metallic lipstick.

Many of them are made from brass with 14k gold plating, and the price tag definitely corresponds, with most models clocking in at over $100.00

Face jewelry is a trend that seems chic and editorial, but also uncomfortable. Resting metal face, anyone? Especially for this powerful statement mouth jewelry.


Some pieces just attach to the bottom lip, mimicking a lip ring, while others have a more complete look that you’d find in the pages of a magazine.

Take the “Piece Lip”, for instance. For $225.00, you can have branches coming out of your mouth, framing your lips in a bizarre but mesmerizing way.

If a lip piercing is a little too permanent for your taste, this is a fantastic way to experiment with the look without fully committing to it.

If you want to stand out in a crowd and try a look more unique than earrings, give this unique trend a shot.

It can always be used in various forms such as a nose ring, which offers more versatility than one permanent piercing.

Would you dare one of those?