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Nigerian Fashion Designer Makes Awesome Transformer Dresses


Fashion design is an ever-changing beast. On one hand, we’re used to always getting something fresh and new and exciting, on the other hand, we all know at this point that fast fashion is not the way forward. Many people are looking to invest in ethically made items of clothing that will be versatile and last them a long time. And it looks like Oyinda Akinfenwa fits into that idea perfectly.

Oyinda Akinfenwa is a fashion designer from Nigeria who’s creating beautiful and unique dresses that can be worn for any occasion thanks to their creative design. Her whole idea is to create a dress that can be styled in multiple ways. And when we say styled in many ways we don’t mean that you can pair it with sneakers or a high-heels and accessorize with different handbags and cardigans (but you definitely can). We mean the dress itself is designed in a creative way, and it basically works like a transformer, allowing you to literally wear it differently depending on your mood or what the occasion calls for.

We love that kind of creativity because that means that you won’t have to buy 4 different dresses that are appropriate for different events and occasions. You can just get one, and ultimately save your time and money by getting an item of clothing that’s literally customizable to your needs. Most of Oyinda’s dresses can be worn in at least 3 to 4 ways, some even more. And if you add some of your own styling options to that – you could probably wear that dress every day of the week yet look absolutely different every time.

Oyinda Akinfewa says that she didn’t really plan on becoming a fashion designer, she didn’t even know that she could do that. It all started when one day she decided to fashion her mother’s scarf into a top for herself and snap a picture of it. It got a positive response and she thought she could do more with that. So she kept experimenting until she realised she can actually do dresses too.


The process of creating a dress can take from a few days to weeks for Oyinda, it all depends on when the inspiration strikes. Some dresses come to her really quickly, others she has to think about for a longer time to figure out all the different transformations and how it’s going to look like in the end.

Oyinda is relatively new to fashion design, so she says she often will make mistakes when creating a dress, but in most cases, she works out a way for them to be beneficial for the design of the dress. She might be new but she’s passionate about fashion design and creating these unique dresses makes her feel on top of the world. It’s great to know that one day you can just think of something inside your head and the other day you can make it a real-life thing that you can touch and feel and wear.

When it comes to motivation, it looks like Oyinda has an endless supply of it that’s not about to run dry any time soon. She’s bright-eyed and excited to show the world what she’s capable of. She’s inspired by the ability to realize her own dreams and she’s already started her own fashion brand called Janore. Right now the dresses can be shipped all over Nigeria, where Oyinda is from, but she’s hoping that one day she’ll be able to take her small business to new heights and make it available worldwide. And judging by how good those dresses look and how cool and creative they are we have no doubt that she’ll be able to do it.