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Only Models Aged 50+ Walked This Runway At UFW And It Was Glorious


Fashion is known for being a very ageist industry. Most clothes on runways are not only made for tall, fit people but also predominantly young people. And of course, these clothes are being showcased on young beautiful models, most of which are either teens or in their early 20s. Modelling is generally an industry in which you retire very early, generally around the time you turn 30. Sure, there are exceptions, we’ve all seen those few and far apart models who still get to walk the runways or do big photoshoots at 50 or older, but they’re generally the exception that proves the rule.

But it shouldn’t be like that. Fashion isn’t just for young people. Everyone deserves to look stylish and fashionable. People of all ages should be able to find something to their liking in the world of fashion and the runway show should depict that both in the clothes made and the models who showcase it. It should be inclusive of all ages and styles.

So in light of this, we thought it’s important to highlight when something is done right. Because recently we saw something incredible happen at UFW. On August 31, the opening day of Ukrainian Fashion Week, designer Marina Rybalko presented the STAR collection in collaboration with the Charity Foundation LifeLover.


For the first time in Ukraine, only models aged 50+ from the Adult Models Agency “LifeLover” took part in the show.

The fact that Garik Korogodsky, businessman, writer and co-founder of the fund also walked the runway was a pleasant surprise for everyone present at the show. “This show is very important in terms of ageism problems and within the context of social perception of age boundaries. We wanted to show the audience that beauty exists beyond age – even in such a competitive field like fashion, where a career ends at age 30,” says Tina Mikhailovskaya, co-founder of the LifeLover Fund.

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“We specifically did not want to create a special collection for adults, instead we wanted to show that modern trendy clothes will look equally relevant and good on people of all ages.” In this collection, the designer adheres to one rule: harmony in simplicity. Each piece has a classic cut, created with geometric precision and rigor, using stars made from eco-leather as decoration, it looks exceptionally sophisticated and refined. Each item is handmade and is intended for those who want to emphasize their uniqueness and independence.