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Queen Letizia’s Best Fashion Moments


Initially, people viewed Queen Letizia of Spain’s fashion choices with skepticism. Fast forward to today, and she’s a fashion icon whose style blends regal elegance with relatable touches. Let’s take a look at some of her most memorable fashion moments.

The Bold White Power Suit

Who could forget Letizia’s 2003 engagement announcement outfit? She dazzled in a white pantsuit with a plunging neckline. The crisp lines and bold choice of trousers over a traditional dress were a nod to her working-class roots and her career as a journalist. It was a fresh, youthful look that hinted at the modernizing influence she would bring to the Spanish monarchy.

A Stunning Pertegaz Wedding Dress

When it came time for her royal wedding in 2004, Letizia chose a breathtaking gown by Spanish designer Manuel Pertegaz. The dress featured a dramatic plunging V-neck, intricate silver and gold embroidery, and a 15-foot train. The elegant yet subtle design incorporated symbols of the royal House of Bourbon and the city of Madrid, making it a perfect blend of tradition and personal touch.

Elegance at Infanta Sofia’s Baptism

In 2007, for Infanta Sofia’s baptism, Letizia wore a delicate white lace dress that was both timeless and symbolic. The lacework matched her daughter’s baptismal gown, creating a beautiful image of mother and child. This understated yet elegant choice highlighted her ability to dress appropriately for solemn occasions while maintaining a personal connection.

Grey Glamour at the Royal Wedding

Attending Prince William and Princess Catherine’s wedding in 2011, Letizia embraced the somber London skies with a silver and grey ballgown. Designed by Felipe Varela, the dress featured floral and leaf embroidery and a dramatic tulle skirt. Her sophisticated yet stormy color palette showcased her versatility and ability to stand out in a crowd of royals.

Casual Chic in Ibiza

Navigating the fashion challenges of 2020, Letizia impressed with a frilly white maxi dress during a visit to Ibiza. Paired with a woven bag, platform wedges, and a matching mask, she effortlessly blended style with practicality. Her ability to remain fashionable even during the pandemic highlighted her adaptability and keen fashion sense.


Twinning at the Royal Board on Disability Council Meeting

In a delightful fashion twist, Letizia wore a black and white block dress from Mango to a 2022 Royal Board on Disability Council meeting, only to find an award recipient in the same outfit. Instead of feeling awkward, she embraced the moment with grace, showing her down-to-earth nature and making it a memorable event.

The Red Dress from Princess Leonor

Letizia and Princess Leonor share more than just a family bond—they share wardrobes. In 2022, Letizia wore a red and white dress to a UNICEF meeting that Leonor had worn a month earlier. This twinning moment showcased their close relationship and the practicality of sharing clothes, sending a message about sustainability and frugality.

Vibrant at King Charles III’s Coronation

At King Charles III’s coronation in 2023, Letizia made a bold statement with a hot pink peplum jacket and matching pencil skirt. Accessorized with a pink clutch and a lace-adorned hat, she brought a burst of Spanish vibrance to the grey London backdrop. Her previous evening’s lime green gown by Victoria Beckham was equally striking, merging British design with Spanish flair.

The Affordable Aquamarine Zara Dress

Queen Letizia has a knack for mixing high fashion with accessible pieces. At the 2023 Retina Eco Awards, she wore an ankle-length aquamarine dress from Zara, costing just €39.95. Styled with a black belt, pumps, and green earrings, she showed that elegance doesn’t have to come with a high price tag, resonating with many admirers.

Sneakers at the Teatro Real

In 2024, Letizia attended a concert at the Teatro Real in a pair of white sneakers, a rare sight for royal footwear. She revealed that a fractured toe necessitated the comfortable choice, but it also set a trend for casual royal attire. Her decision highlighted evolving fashion norms and the balance between style and practicality.

Queen Letizia’s fashion journey is a testament to her ability to blend tradition with modernity, high fashion with everyday wear, and regal elegance with relatable charm. Each of these moments not only defined her personal style, but also resonated with people who wanted to see a bit of themselves in their queen.