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Rihanna Launches Fenty, A Luxury Fashion Brand, At LVMH


Rihanna has been a ground-breaking and boundary-breaking icon in the music and fashion industry for years. A pioneer in black, female entrepreneurship, this babe started her own revolutionary beauty and fashion line from ground zero.


Even more impressive is the inclusive sense of community which she emblazons in each one of her projects. While Rihanna has always been the big sister we looked up to, she’s now making the market transition from everywoman to high-end, and we’ve never been happier for her.


Rihanna is launching an upmarket label with the largest luxury group in the world, conglomerate LVMH, otherwise known as the Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton fashion house.


Already a champion of firsts, she is now the first black woman to officially head a fashion house at LVMH. Fenty is going to Paris!


This is the first house established by LVMH since 1987’s Christian Lacroix, and it marks an iconic moment in luxury fashion history, as well as black history. The new line will include lots of stunning RTW goodies, complete with accessories and shoes.



This is a sphere that’s previously been dominated by European men, and is now being opened up to more diverse demographics, thanks to our girl RiRi.



This might potentially help the issue of African American people being racially profiles at luxury stores, despite having a buying power of up to $1.2 trillion USD.


Most celebrities have a clothing line, but even Kanye West couldn’t garner a luxury fashion house in their honor, marking quite the accomplishment for the Bahamian.


Rihanna says that the owner of LVM, Bernard Arnault, gave her the ability to develop the creative house “with no artistic limits,” and we can’t wait to see how Miss Robin Fenty’s creativity manifests self this time around.


As one of the world’s leading global style influencers, we’re not surprised that this shift eventually occurred. We feel blessed that it came to fruition and can’t wait to see the first releases from the line, which are set to be revealed later on this month.


The reason for this decision might partially be due to the fact that currently, millennials are driving the current luxury market, right now.


More reasons to see the original bad gal as a total role model – not just as the talented singer and performer she is, but as a creative entity, CEO, and entrepreneurial force. Here’s the the Fenty Maison – we can’t wait to see what the big reveal brings.