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Style Check: Kendall Jenner vs Emily Ratajkowski


While Kylie Jenner is busy turning into Kim, it looks like Kendal has found inspiration in someone outside of the Kardashian family. Many of her fans have been noticing that her style seems very similar to that of actress and model Emily Ratajkowsky. They already have similar features and body types, but now that they’re style is so similar it’s becoming hard to tell the two apart. Let’s take a look at some of their outfits that we think are nearly identical and you can be the judge. Also, who do you think wore it better?

1. That’s Emily wearing a denim skirt and a tiny but adorable crop top and a pair of sneakers. And Kendall is wearing a nearly identical denim skirt with a black top and a pair of shiny black booties.

2. These two yellow dresses are so similar. The color, the shape, the cut, the neckline, even the straps are kind of wide on both of them. Except Emily chose to wear it with sneakers to walk her dog and Kendall is wearing it with strappy sandals and a white handbag. It’s basically casual vs glam.

3. White summer dresses are all the rage these days, so we see how this is just a trend that both of them could like, but those do look similar. Except, as you can see, Emily again goes for effortless and casual with her sneakers and Kendall is rocking some pointy white boots.

4. Both girls are basically wearing the same polka dot dress, except the colors are reversed. Emily went for a dark dress with white polka dots, and Kendall went for a white dress with black polka dots. And both went for a black pair of sunglasses.

5. Here’s another instance of both Emily and Kendall wearing polka dot outfits, except this time they went with silk, a bigger pattern and made it glam for the events they were attending.

6. Do you see what we mean when we say that they’re dressing the same yet? This is legitimately the same outfit. A strapless white top and wide-leg trousers to match.

7. Off the shoulder red dresses definitely suit them both. The only difference is the length of the dress and that Emily chose to accessorize with a belt, while Kendall didn’t. And Emily went for a nude lip, while Kendall decided to match the lipstick to her dress.


8. And here the girls reverse the lipstick choices, but both of them are wearing what looks like black jumpsuits. These outfits are so similar, both have a v-neck and both even have extra cutouts on the side.

9. This is the classic example of them wearing essentially the same thing but styling it differently. Both are wearing khaki pants and a leather jacket, except Emily’s outfit, is more chill and laid back and Kendall, as per usual is going for a more glam look.

10. Guys, this is getting ridiculous. They even have the same pair of glasses. And they’re both wearing a brown jacket that looks like it could be made of suede? And both of the photos are taken while they’re out in a cafe. Could this be a coincidence?

11. All black outfit, deep v-neck and a belt to cinch in the waist. We’re not saying it’s a super unique look, but you’ve got to admit that after all the previous pictures they’re basically starting to merge into the same person.

12. Beige or nude suits with white tops anyone? And the usual casual vs glam situation. Does Kendall just not leave the house for any casual outings at all? Does she just go to glamorous events or does she also dress up to walk a dog?

13. These girls mean business in their black blazers. But Emily’s going for business casual and Kendall is dressed to impress. Both went for a pair of trendy sunglasses as an accessory.

14. And finally, they’re literally wearing the same thing. Psyche, it was for a fashion show, they were both modeling for. But could you even tell them apart from the distance? We bet you couldn’t.