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Why A Monochromatic Look Is Far From Boring


People might think that wearing one color is a lazy way to avoid putting effort into outfits, or that it’s a boring approach to style. However, the opposite is true – your outfit never clashes, and you get to play with nuanced shades while elegantly popping out of a crowd.



1. Because it looks stunning when you incorporate different textures when working within the same color palette. For instance, mix cable knit and felt, or sequin and silk.


2. Because you look like a queen that slays when color blocking with the seasons – if you’re wearing all black in the middle of the summer, or all light pink in the dead of winter, your look won’t be as classy or effective.



3. Because when you know what colors look great on you, a one-color look brings out your skin tone, hair, and eyes in a way that makes you feel fierce yet comfortable.


4. It looks oh so expensive – try pairing a wide brimmed white hat with a white suit and people will be looking at you like you’re a celebrity.


5. Because dressing head to toe in one color creates a seamless line that makes wearers look taller, thinner, and more modelesque.




6. It classes up a suit and makes it more sophisticated, while also opening possibilities for feminine power moves – an all lavender suit, a la Cardi B, perhaps? Yaaaas, queen!


7. It lets you really focus on accessories and incorporate a couple of statement pieces, like oversized earrings, a leather beret, or a vintage choker.


8. It also lets you experiment with vintage inspired materials and styles such as suede, figged leather, or ribbed wool.



9. Wearing multiple layers with different textures adds depth and allows you to either downplay or celebrate different parts of your body. We think every part is beautiful, but the journey to confidence takes baby steps.