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10 Best Food TV Shows to Watch Right Now


There’s a time and place for binging “Real Housewives”, but sometimes, you just want to go back to basics and watch a solid cooking show. Here are the most mouthwatering episodes to stream ASAP.



1. Salt Fat Acid Heat
Hosted by the adorable, endearing host Samin Nosrat, this show teaches us how to master these four elements and therefore master the kitchen, learning about cooking from the root. This lady knows what she’s talking about – the cookbook it was based on won 2018 James Beard cookbook of the year, along with tons of other awards.



2. Chef’s Table
This Netflix original focuses on a famous chef in each of its episodes. If you’re into that whole world of fine dining mystique instead of being a taco truck kind of gal, this is the elitist binge watch that you’ve been waiting for, plus it has the most visually stunning shots of any show on this list.

3. Cooked
Everyone’s favorite foodie Michael Pollan produces this alongside famous documentarian Alex Gibney. Its tone is. Just the right kind of snobby, and has a focus on home cooking, outlining distinct cultural cooking elements in unique ways. For instance, in the fire episode, we learn of the history of flame cooking meats.




4. The Great British Baking Show
This binge-worthy show might not put you on the edge of your seat, but it is soothing and will make you crave sponge cake like no other. Baking aficionados will have either hearts stolen by the witty, dry and very British quips that make this the perfect show to doze off to.

5. Mind of A Chef
This Anthony Bourdain produced this show for PBS. In it he hunts moderately known chefs and gives them a whole season to take viewers on their unique journeys. It combines food and travel in the best way that Bourdain always manages to, while highlighting the creative process.



6. Parts Unknown
And how could we leave without providing one of the best TV shows by one of our late and great foodie masterminds himself! Anthony Bourdain blends food porn with travel aficionado content, and famous chefs. With eight glorious seasons on Netflix, why wouldn’t you indulge?

7. Ugly Delicious
Brought to us by OG foodie David Chang, this American Korean chef shows us our footways intersect, melt, and travel in harmony. The show is based on the idea that authenticity is more about a melting pot of diversity than purity, and everyone should chill out about being a snob. Also, his food adventures really are ugly-delicious – sloppy Joe style.

8. Rotten
Maybe not the most quaint food travel show to make you want go to Bali, but this is more of a foodie true crime story, highlighting the gross and corrupt aspects of our food supply system, exposing every food fraud with its important truths.



9. Zumbo’s Just Desserts
Sweet tooth will find it hard not to binge this Australian show hosted by pasty chef Adriano Zumbo. Sexy Australian accents and decadent desserts? This show is dangerous with a full pantry on a Friday night…

10. Avec Eric
When your heart aches too much to watch Bourdain, his cheery French buddy with lots of bracelets is here to cheer you up. This guy knows his food but isn’t the most charismatic, making it even more entertaining to watch. He goes to the non-snobby, deepest corners of the universe.