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10 Best Indian Street Drinks To Cool Off This Summer



With its sizzling hot summer days, India is the best place to search for some unique and flavourful cooling drinks. Unlike bottled beverages you find on the market, these chilling drinks are prepared with seasonal fruits and spices, which makes them a healthy alternative to sugary drinks we are all used to. Indian street drinks also have a history of their own as each region in India has its unique set of flavours and ways to prepare the same fruits. Here are 10 best Indian street drinks to cool off this summer.



Mango Mastani
Pune created its very own take on the traditional mango shaked – mango mastani. Named after the beautiful Bundelkhand princess Mastani, this mango shake has everything you might ever dream of – crunchy nuts, whipped cream, cherries, and chopped fruits. Yum!


Phalsa Sherbet
This tingly tangy drink is nothing short of spectacular. Prepared from the tart-flavoured phalsa fruit, this chilling sherbet is perfect for long summer days. It’s refreshing non-sugary taste will immediately quench your thirst!



Aam Panna
India is a country of mangoes, especially during the hot summer season when dozens of mango types are available all over India. This drink, nevertheless, is prepared from raw mango, which is refreshingly sour and incredibly healthy. Mint leaves and spices are added for more flavour.


Chandan sherbet
You probably know that sandalwood is a pretty expensive and cool material with a mind-blowing aroma, but here’s a twist – it can also be turned into a chilling drink! It appears sandalwood has amazing cooling properties, which makes chandan sherbet a perfect drink for summer days. Infused with rose petals and kewra extract, this drink is like nothing you’ve ever tried before!


Jal Jeera
How about a traditional lemonade with an Indian twist? Jal Jeera, a drink that has immense popularity in north India, is heavily infused with black pepper, black salt, and roasted cumin, Your thirst will be gone after the few first sips!



Nothing can quite compare to a sip of cold lassi on a scorching summer day. It is simple, but incredibly delicious! And will instantly make you feel cooler. You can find lassi joints all over India, but the tastiest of them all are in Punjab and Rajasthan. The city of Varanasi is also packed with delicious lassi joints, where you will get a hearty drink packed with fruits like bananas and pomegranates.



This mad mix of curd, green chillies, and yoghurt is exactly what you need when the world outside is melting down from heat. A cup of spicy buttermilk prepared with the above-mentioned ingredients is believed to improve digestion, aid in hydration, and lower body temperature. In other words, it’s a must for summer!


Bel sherbet
Bel, also known as wood apple because of its thick skin, is the perfect ingredient to create a fruity summer drink. Prepared with lime juice and jiggery, bel sherbet is said to have medicinal properties. You can actually use it as a cure from diabetes and tummy problems.


The states of Maharashtra and Gujarat are home to the amazingly refreshing piyush drink, which is prepared from buttermilk, dried fruits, shrikhand, saffron and nutmeg. The drink’s name mean ‘amrit’, which can be translated as the ‘drink of the Gods’



Thandaai is yet another milky delight that will quench your thirst in no time during hot summer days. It’s infused with saffron, fennel seeds, watermelon seed, almonds, and a bunch of other spices that, well combined together, create an unforgettable gentle mix.