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10 Desserts You Won’t Believe Are Sugar Free



Sometimes, indulging is a must. But why sacrifice that waistline when you don’t need to? Make your own sugar free alternatives that are so decadent, you can’t even taste the difference.



1. Grain Free, High Protein Raw Cookie Dough
There’s no better indulgence in life than eating cookie dough right out of the wrapping, right? Unfortunately, that’s not great for your health thanks to raw egg risks, and it’s also chock full of sugar. This alternative tastes the same, but is high in protein, grain free, and sugar free. Voila!


2. Samoas Girl Scout Cookie Pie
Everyone knows that the best Girl Scout Cookie is the Samoas. Chocolatey, crunchy, and fruity, all in one bite. Now, there’s a whole cake made after it, and it’s somehow healthy! Using coconut milk and oil, coffee, honey, avocados and cocoa powder, this author created something insanely magical.



3. NY Style Cheesecake
Ah. The creamy decadence that is NY style cheesecake. Unfortunately we can only treat ourselves once in a blue moon thanks to its sugary nature. Until this healthy remix which swaps sugar for liquid Stevia, and vanilla whey protein powder.


4. Sugar Free Apple Tart
Apples might traditionally be a Thanksgiving treat, but you’d be crazy to think that this is just edible during certain seasons. Perfect when topped with a dollop of sugar-free whipped cream. The natural sweetness of the apples is what makes this recipe shine, so make sure you use sweet ones, like a Honeycrisp.


5. Homemade Peach Ice Cream
There’s something about peach ice cream that simply embodies the essence of summer. It’s light, cooling, and fruity. And there’s two ingredient version that contains zero dairy and zero sugar. With just a couple of cups of frozen peach slices and coconut milk, you’re good to go.



6. Sugar-Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
Throw all your processed Reese’s Pieces away, because this vegan peanut butter cup recipe is a million times better and doesn’t contain any sugar. Using unrefined ingredients like coconut oil, stevia, and vanilla extract, these imitate the real deal. Plus, peanut butter makes anything taste good.



7. Chocolate Strawberry Truffle Pie
This pie is somehow fun, fancy, and good for you all at once. A sassy riff on chocolate and strawberries, most of this pie is actually made in a Vitamix. Goodbye, full load of dishes. Frozen berries, raw cashew, stevia churn together with cocoa powder in the blender before it’s placed in a pie crust and frozen overnight.


8. Healthy Mo-tella Fudge DIY Protein Bars
If this is what a protein bar looks like, then sign me up for a protein filled week. Using roasted hazelnut butter, vanilla almond milk, and chocolate brown rice protein powder make this the best portable snack that we’ve ever seen. And to think they’re packed with protein, fiber, complex carbs, and healthy fat? Miracles are possible.


9. Black Bean Brownies
Black beans belong in burritos, right? False. They make a lusciously fudge base for brownies, and if someone says otherwise, they clearly haven’t tried them. This recipe makes eating the whole pan not just embarrassing, but a viable possibility without hating yourself the next day.



10. No Bake Mini Chocolate Mousse Tarts 
These tarts are bite-sized, but the flavor sure isn’t. With an oat base, they’re filled with cacao, coconut, dates, edible watermelon seeds, and the star ingredient: avocado! You can eat this before a workout and still feel fueled for hours – how cool is that?