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10 Easy Tips For Getting Back In Shape After The Christmas Holidays


Holidays are finally over and the guilt starts slowly creeping in every time you put something on your plate. But don’t worry, getting back in shape after Christmas holidays is easier than you think especially if you stay positive about the whole thing. You might have gone a little bit over the top with all those yummy snacks and family dinners with your Mom’s delicious home recipes, so what? That’s what holidays are made for! Now it’s time to jump back into your skinny jeans and here are 10 easy tips that will help you do that.



Get rid of guilt
What’s done is done. It doesn’t matter how many pounds you’ve gained – just let it go. It’s the first step that is essential to getting back in shape after the Christmas holidays. Beating yourself up won’t help you feel or look better, so why do it at all?



Be realistic
You might be tempted to rush into the gym and sign up for a one year fitness programme, but this is the time when you should be realistic about what you can do. Look at your schedule and see how many hours you can spare for fitness and workout. You can start doing some workout at home, which will make it easier to plan around your daily activities.

Don’t give up on food
You may want to stop eating altogether (or less than you’re used to), but this will only make your cravings more severe. What you should do is create a healthy eating schedule with foods that will help you shed those unwanted pounds. It may take longer to prepare, but at least you’ll know that every time you eat it makes you one step closer to getting back in shape!




Get moving
Holidays aren’t really about moving a lot, but if you want to burn that belly fat it’s time to start moving again. Do what you are most comfortable with – walk, dance, exercise, go skiing, skating, or visit a swimming pool. Do whatever you want as long as it keeps you excited about moving more!

Go for veggies
Not only are vegetables packed with fibre and vitamins, they are also great appetite suppressants. Include more seasonal vegetables and leafy greens in your diet, while skipping shite stuff like bagels, bread, and crackers.



Cut back your sugar intake
Do this for as long as you can without going crazy! This means taking a break from all store-bought stuff with refined sugar like cookies, cakes, candies, muffins, sodas, etc. Eat high-protein foods like Greek yoghurt, cottage cheese, and oats to suppress your sugar cravings. As a result you stop gaining sugar-weight from all the processed foods and your body restarts itself, getting into a healthy mode.

Don’t eat out
It’s not a secret that food cooked at restaurants and cafes always contains more fat, salt, sauces, and condiments than you actually need. Control what you eat by making your own food at home – that’s a must if you want to get back in shape after holidays!

Drink more water
Water not only helps flush out toxins from our bodies, but it’s essential for weight loss as well. It helps our kidneys and liver function better, while reducing bloating and improving our overall well-being. Make drinking lots of water an everyday habit and you’ll feel and look better in no time.



Avoid stress
It’s easy to get stressed out about losing weight especially if you want fast results. Instead, you should focus on how pleasant it is to do more exercise and eat healthy foods. It’s a process that takes time, so you might as well enjoy it. Stress makes us unhealthy, irritable, and hungry for snacks and sugary foods. That’s why you should stay calm and just continue with your health routine.

Drink herbal teas
Dandelion, ginger, mint, and chamomile teas are known to be great for digestion. They reduce intestinal gas, help with indigestion, relieve bloating, and detoxify our bodies. Green sugarless tea is also great for your post-holiday health routine.