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10 Fun And interesting Ways To Eat Mangoes This Summer



There’s no point in denying the fact that mango is the true king of all fruits. Mangoes are as versatile as the ways you can consume them. They can be ripe or raw, tangy or sweet, made into a smoothie, mango pickle, and even mango bread! Here are 10 fun and interesting ways to eat mangoes this summer.



Mango Iced Tea
There’s hardly anything better on a scorching summer day than a mango Iced tea. It’s light, refreshing, and remarkably easy to prepare. You just need to simmer finely chopped mango in a few glasses of water, let it cool down, then brew some black or green tea separately, let it cool down as well, and mix! Add some ice cubes and sugar as per your taste.


Mango Chia Pudding
Chia seeds have numerous health benefits, do mixing them with a mango will take your healthy fibre-rich meal to a whole new level of yumminness. For this sweet savoury dish you’ll need to mix milk, chia seeds, and let it sit for a night in the refrigerator. Add some chopped mangos – and voila! Your light and healthy breakfast is served.



Mango Shake
Mango shake is a staple drink when it comes to quenching your thirst during the scorching summer days in India. It takes around 5 minutes to prepare the classical mango shake with a bit of milk and sugar, yet you’ll find it to be quite a versatile drink with numerous add-ons that will make it taste truly divine.


Mango Avocado Toast
Pair mango with avocado, add some cilantro and a drizzle of honey, and you’ll experience the best snack in the whole world! It’s tasty, filling, yet light and incredibly healthy. This is one of those snacks you simply can’t stop eating!


Aam Panna
Aam panna is a delicious cooling drink prepared with mint, boiled raw mangos, sugar, and salt. It’s tangy, refreshing, and will make you feel rejuvenated from the first sip you make.



Mango Kheer
Kheer, a type of sweet milky rice pudding, goes incredibly well with mangos. You’ll need some cow’s milk, saffron, elaichi, and a few ripe mangos to create this deliciousness. Its smooth and creamy texture is something you won’t forget any time soon!



Mango Jam
Prepared with limes or lemons, jaggery, and a few raw mangos, this recipe is as simple as it is delicious. Mix a few types of mangos for a unique and unusual taste. Make sure that you pick fresh mangos that are not too green or overripe.


Mango Bruschetta
Mangos are naturally sweet, so it’s a good idea to pair them with something salty and crunchy for an additional boost of flavour. Prepare it with basil and Romano cheese to get the perfect balance of peppery, sweet, and sour tastes.


Mango Chutney
Tangy mango chutney is a perfect sauce for everything from simple rotis to elaborate curries. This recipe adds some apples, sweet peppers, and ginger root for a fiery effect. The taste of mango chutney is refreshing and will leave you wanting more.



Mango Pickle
Mango pickle is one of the most unusual ways to eat mango. Prepared with raw mango, methi powder, chilli, mustard, and some oil, mango pickle is a great addition to any dinner, especially if you’re opting for a bit of Indian taste. It goes especially well with white rice or Indian thali.