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10 Fun Girls Weekend Trip Ideas for 2019 



Getting away with your BFFs for a no-boys-allowed weekend is a must, once in a while. And while you could enjoy a stay-stay-cation at a local hotel, while not go out of the box and try something a little more intriguing?



1. Austin, Texas
Texas might not be what everyone thinks of as their cup of tea, but Austin is a Mecca of diversity, and there’s loads to do within city limits. From wellness retreats dotted all over to mouthwatering local ingredients, there’s no better way to pamper yourself than with the gals over in Austin.


2. Palm Island, Aruba
In lots of places around the world, only a couple of months allow for a true summer climate. In Aruba, it’s 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27°C ) year round, and the sun is usually shining. The Palm Beach strip houses lots of luxe hotels and casinos where you can re-enact all-female version of The Hangover with your friends.




3. Nantucket, Massachusetts
The exclusive Martha’s Vineyard is right nearby this posh New England destination that many have been yearning after for decades. It feels like a grown up return to summer camp – there are midnight bonfires for the more adventures ladies in your squad, while the homebodies will love curling up on the porch with a good book and all the anklets.


4. Cancun, Mexico
We know what you think, and there are no raging parties or Spring Breakers like you’re dreading. Instead, we were thinking the NIZUC Resort and Spa, which features private, oceanfront villas and suites with the ultimate sea view, Mayan healing ritual spa treatments, local herbs and plants, and six restaurants with a decadent swim bar.


5. Willamette Valley, Oregon
Instead of heading to the overly saturated wine destination we know as Napa Valley, head to this unassuming alternative in Oregon. It’s 2016’s one Region of the Year, and for good reason. At Willamette Valley vineyards, you can get four wine and food pairings for 20 bucks. Airbnb offer luxurious treehouse in the area, so relive slumber part days with your friends.



6. Canyon Point, Utah
If you love nature and feel a particular connection with the desert, Utah is a place that you absolutely can’t miss. We’re shamelessly ready to admit that the main draw of this destination is the Amangiri Spa, the crème de la crème of spas. From fine dining to desert view suites, this spa kit literally carved into the desert, interacting into Mother Nature for an incomparable feeling.




7. London, UK
There’s nothing quite like sitting down with your girlfriends over a hot sip n’ gossip session. London is known for its famous teatime, where you and your ladies can snack on different mini sandwiches and macarons while bonding and dishing your darkest secrets. Afterwards, there’s no shortage of spas in Primrose Hill or boutiques in Connaught Village.


8. Reykjavik, Iceland
Love nature but California isn’t your cup of tea? In Iceland, you can see diverse landscapes and perch on a volcano as you watch the spectacular light show that are known as the aurora borealis. Go watch whales in a nearby fjord and afterwards, soak in the stunning gastronomy that Iceland’s fine dining scene is known for.


9. Monteverde, Costa Rica
If none of you are too sensitive about the humidity, exploring the lush rainforests of Costa Rica is a must. Say hello to the birds as you complete an aerial cloud forest walk on a suspension bridge, or gallop with horses on the beach. Not your cup of tea? Go zip-lining past sloths with other adrenaline junkies or enjoy resorts that offer infinity pools with an epic view.




10. Anguilla, British Overseas Territory
We had to finish this list off with an island destination, because when does that not end in the best girls trips ever? A dose of vitamin D, gorgeous tans, and turquoise water really do wonders for a stressed out woman. Anguilla houses a staggering 33 with sand beaches that feel like powder between your toes. Try Zemi Beach House Resort, which features Anguilla’s one and only Hamman, inside a 3 century old Thai house.