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10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Healthy Eating Inspiration


Scrolling through the gram, we seem to only see the seemingly unattainable bodies and lifestyles, but why we don’t focus on our own lifestyle and health. Instead of comparing to others, fill yourself with wholesome, delicious foods and learn how to cook in the process!



1. Green Kitchen Stories
Most of the food on this blog is vegetarian and every shot looks tastier than the last. We can’t pick between their saffron-banana pancakes and the peanut butter & jam dark chocolate cups, with a bunch of savory goodness in between.



2. Healthyish
This IG brought to us by @bonappetitmag is all about making us feel good from the side out without sacrificing flavor. They can show you everything from how to make homemade gravlax to perfection a raw salad with crunchy carrots, soft charred dates, and citrus dressing.


3. Love&Lemons
This blogger prides herself on making vegetables taste delicious, and pictures don’t lie. Her dishes are perfect for holiday or social gatherings, like her latest baked cauliflower cheesy party dip which looks better than any nacho cheese we’ve ever seen.



4. Cultivate With Kruti
Kruti’s holistic lifestyle is all about yogi-like mindfulness. We don’t know how far our yogi skills will get us, but we are in a meditation-like awe of her tasty creations that include vegan cream cheese and beet powder on toast with salted hard boiled eggs, lemon, arugula and basil.


5. Feed Your Glow
If you ever thought Buddha bowls were boring, you haven’t seen Sua Park’s feed. She stuffs her bowl with ingredients like roasted broccoli, sweet potato, and avocado with ginger miso tahini. Feeling Mexican instead? Try the lentil and sweet potato chili with jalapeños, beans and veggies.




6. Nourished By Kale
Don’t worry, this page isn’t just a hundred ways to make kale. The plates are vibrant, tasty, and nourishing concoctions like grilled cod tacos, or peaches & burrata toast with avocado honey. Her meals evoke fresh summer days, and who doesn’t want that?


7. Sprouted Kitchen
Sara Forte is the genius behind @sproutedkitchen, which makes vegan food in a not gross way – a mission that all of us will forever be on. We adore this non-mushy, flavor explosion of a veggie burger than is composed of a squash and black bean patty with a pistachio and cilantro pesto.


8. Eating Bird Food
These recipes are much heartier than what a bird would pick at, and makes us want to opt for whole food instead of junk options any day. Innovative meals include three takes on grain free tabbouleh and a non-mushy vegetarian meatloaf recipe that is topped with a memorable maple glaze.



9. Minimalist Baker
It’s your new plant-based secret to getting your kids to eat their veggies while thinking it’s dessert. Eat sweets for breakfast with their chocolate chia seed pudding, gluten-free cinnamon rolls or vegan gluten-free apple cider donuts.


10. Hemsley Hemsley
What’s better than cooking wholesome goodness by yourself? Doing it with your sister or BFF, obviously. That’s exactly what sister Jasmine and Melissa are doing with their account and make decadently good-for-you spreads and comfort foods.