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10 Luxury Boutique Hotels You Won’t Believe Exist



There’s nothing more disappointing than dropping cash on what ends up being a commercial, very non VIP hotel experience that feels more like an amusement park than a luxurious retreat. These gorgeous boutique stays stretch the definition of hotel and are worth the splurge.



1. Over Yonder Cay, Caribbean
This heavenly, private oasis was transformed from a previously remote fishing outpost. An intimate cruise is combined with blood-pumping water sports and a winding trail surrounding the island. This stunning destination has its own reef and is teeming with biodiversity. It houses up 28 guests in its decadent villas.


2. Hotel TwentySeven, The Netherlands
You’v never experienced Amsterdam like this before. With just 16 rooms and a sensual, glamorous undertone that is darkly romantic, there’s never been a better place to run away with your lover to. Overlooking Dam Square, this gorgeous hotel has probiotic, in-house brewed ingredients, a genie-like butler in each sweet, and utterly luxurious bedding and furniture.



3. Riad Kheirredine, Morocco
Many experience the bustling Marrakech through more rustic means of accommodation, but the beautiful, almost meditative Riad takes you beyond that experience into one fit for royalty. With fourteen rooms, unforgettable terraces, exquisite culinary possibilities, and delicious wine, this oasis is a relaxing haven within a lively city. End your day with a dip in their refreshingly chilly plunge pool.


4. The Harkness Hotel, Idahox
You would never suspect that this chandelier and skylight laden, luxe hotel was over 100 years old. Against an incomparable scenic background, this 10-room hotel includes a full spa and salon which doesn’t slack on elite techniques or products. With century old fixtures, these suites have old world charm and are nearby Pebble Creek Ski Area, blessing hotel residents with 54 trails sprawled out over 10 acres.

5. Aquatic Island, India
A man-made, paradise on water, these 10 floating villas are tucked behind Kumbalangi Village, and offer an exploration of the historic Fort Kochi, with martial arts shows and Chinese fishing nets. Local treats like dosa and coconut chutney can be enjoyed on balconies which overlook backwaters. Their infinity pool is supremely relaxing, and perfect after an in-house spa treatment such as their Ayurvedic massage.



6. Aurora Estate, Finland
With people from all over yearning to see the magical Northern Lights, there’s no place better than Aurora to catch the most sublime view of your life. With just seven suites decked out in sheepskin, wood, and high end fireplaces, hotel stayers can enjoy an extremely private but luxurious cabin. The experience is complete with a sauna, a spa, and a private chef cooking renowned Lappish cuisine.



7. Raiwasa Private Retreat, Fiji Islands
Tucked away on an unassuming beachfront hideaway, this highly customized experience on Taveuni island is quite the chunk of change, but it’s an experience you’ll never forget. From the sweeping sea views to the huge, three sided infinity pool with ocean views, this experience offers privacy, and an outdoor beach experience, with outdoor bathtubs making for memorable moonlit nights.


8. Villa Neo, Saint Barthelemy
This isn’t really a boutique hotel – it’s more of a private villa that’s perfect for a group of friends to share. In the hard of St Jean, St Barts, this wildly lavish abode is filled with 6 staggering double bedrooms, a short home assistant and top of the line sound system, and an atrium filled with breathtaking art and light installations. Oh, and views that look straight out of a painting. Perfect for bachelorette parties and long nights staying up with the gals – especially I the 33 meter heated pool. Rates start at 70.000 a night, and for good reason.


9. Isla Sa Ferradura, Spain
Welcome to your own private island in Spain, brimming with lush gardens and postcard views. With 6 bedrooms and perfectly landscaped surroundings, this relaxing getaway is privacy at its finest. Apart from sleek aesthetics, it also features cutting edge technology that is fully sustainable.



10. Drake Bay Getaway Resort, Costa Rica
This spot is kind of like a resort and a boutique hotel all in one. Against the stunningly natural background of Corcovado National Park (the most bio-diverse place in the world). Outdoor rain showers and hammock hangs against the scenic Osa peninsula? It was created by high profile tech giants that left Seattle to create a surreal haven for others.