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10 Recipe Ideas Inspired by Our Favorite Movies


As much as we connect to characters or a landscape in a film, we connect equally to the small things, like what your characters munch on in their spare time. Here are the most mouth-watering recipes inspired by famous movies.

1. Adventure Time: Royal Tart

Any fan of Adventure Time will remember the famously tantalizing strawberry royal tarts. With the use of fresh strawberries, cool whip, cream cheese and plenty of butter topped off by a strawberry glaze, we can’t think of a better snack to celebrate this show.

2. Harry Potter’s Homemade Butterbeer

Everyone who’s read Harry Potter has craved a butter beer at some point. The Potterhead favorite is essentially a butterscotch flavored float that doesn’t skimp on creaminess. Pick your house and get to sipping!

3. Ratatouille: Ratatouille

Here, the endearing and sentimental storyline of Ratatouille is recreated by a dish of the very same name. A veggie medley is baked and served over a bed f rice, pasta, couscous, or any other starch that you might prefer.

4. Chocolat: Chocolate Truffles

Chocolat is the perfect date night movie – it blends passion, political revolution, and true love. These chocolate truffles pay homage to them in the most decadent way you could imagine. With a base of coffee infused chocolate coated in shredded dried coconuts, it’ll be hard to ration portions after you make these.

5. Pulp Fiction: Big Kahuna Burger

Pulp Fiction die-hards will run to recreate the bizarre yet enticing pineapple cheeseburger around which one of the film’s most memorable scenes is centered. In it, two sides bicker about the name given to a quarter pounder with cheese in France.


6. Bridget Jones’s Diaries: PotatovLeek Blue Soup

Many of us grew up obsessed with Bridget Jones, and hence remember her famous blue-colored potato and leek soup. In it, Bridget thinks it’ acceptable to wrap the leeks in blue string, but soon learns of her dire mistake. Skip the food coloring if it makes you lose your appetite.

7. Hunger Games: Lamb Stew with Dried Plums

This classic recipe from the Hunger Games combines meaty lamb morsels with rich, dried plums. This meal is present in the third book of the series, The Mockingjay. This meal is nourishing, and one of Katniss’s favorites.

8. Winnie-the-Pooh and All All All: Honey Chocolate Pie

Ok,. This might be a cheat since Winnie the Pooh isn’t exactly a cinematic masterpiece. But it was a staple in many of our childhoods, and for that reason, it gets an honorary mention. Honey chocolate pie is comfort food at its finest, and the author suggests that you stick with clover honey.

9. The Hobbit: Twice Baked Honey Cake

Lord of the Rings might not be remembered for its culinary details, but humble twice-baked honey cake plays an equally important role in this adventure series. This is a simple recipe for those who aren’t fans of overly sweet desserts.

10. Meats From Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow gave some viewers a fright, but their diverse carnivorous spread was anything but scary. A platter of smoked beef, broiled shad, and golden roasted chicken are all on the menu. This is as useful for a Sleepy Hollow viewing party as it is for a casual get-together with your meat-loving friends.