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11 Сhocolate Сake Recipes That Will Blow You Away



If you have a serious sweet tooth you’ll know that not every chocolate cake is the same. Some taste more chocolaty than others, and some are super sweet while others might have a light note of bitterness to them that comes from dark chocolate. Some chocolate cakes are super moist, while others are fudgy, some have chocolate ganache topping while others go for a chocolate glaze. There’s so many options out there and so many choices to make. So let’s not waste our time and take a look at these 12 chocolate cake recipes that will blow you away.



1. The Perfect One Bowl Chocolate Cake
Let’s start simple – with a cake that’s easy to make, you only need one bowl and the result is so delicious you’ll be tempted to make it every weekend. And of course you can make it as simple as you want when you don’t have time or decorate it all fancy for a special occasion.


2. Blackout Chocolate Cake
There’s a reason this cake is called blackout chocolate. It uses the best ingredients, everything is made from scratch and the flavor is so deep you might actually black out. There’s high-end chocolate, espresso, cocoa, chocolate chips and chocolate cream cheese frosting. It’s incredible and your life will never be the same once you try it.



3. Blackberry Chocolate Cake
Some people believe that chocolate cake shouldn’t have berries in it but we disagree. If you know how to combine flavors you’ll know that berries can really elevate your chocolate cake to a whole new level and this recipe does just that.


4. Triple Dark Chocolate Cake
This triple dark chocolate cake is the stuff of dreams if you’re a true chocolate lover. It really is chocolate chocolate chocolate with chocolate in between and on top. It’s super rich and decadent in flavor and let’s just say the truffles take it from “fantastic” to “out of this world”.


5. Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Hazelnut Dream Cake
If you love chocolate but you also love Nutella – we’ve got you covered. This cake is made up of multiple chocolate layers, homemade Nutella, Italian chocolate meringue buttercream and then chocolate ganache drizzled on top. Should we keep talking or are you convinced you should definitely try this one yet? It’s topped with crunchy chocolate hazelnut truffles too.



6. Triple Chocolate Ombre Coffee Cake
Coffee and chocolate are always a great combo. There’s just something magical about having those sweet and bitter flavors mixing together to create a delectable combination that hits the spot every time. And if you’re worried this that this sounds too grown up for you – don’t worry there’s plenty of candy toppings.



7.The Chocolate Mousse Cake
Chocolate mousse cakes are the best. They don’t require you to mess about with lots of layers, which makes them easier to make. But also the fact that it literally melts in your mouth is just incredible. The flavors stand out even more because of the smooth texture. Just try it, it’s too good to pass by.


8. Rocky Road Layer Cake
This cake is a perfect mix of sophistication and childhood nostalgia. Remember rocky road? Yeah, it’s in this cake, along with delicious and moist chocolate cake layers and chocolate ganache. I mean what more could you ask for?


9.Easy Chocolate Cake With Raspberries
This is a perfect chocolate cake recipe to learn because it looks fancy and impressive but it’s actually very easy to make. The cake is made up with only a few ingredients, yet it tastes divine and the raspberries add a bit of freshness to it, while the chocolate fudge buttercream keeps you reaching for another slice.


10. Double Coffee Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Fudge Frosting
This cake proves that you really can have it all. Delicious moist chocolate cake – done. Double coffee for a deeper more grown up flavor – you’ve got it. Chocolate fudge to satisfy that sugar craving and sweet tooth – yup we have that too.



11. The Perfect Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake
There’s many variations of a chocolate fudge cake, but this layered cake claims to be the best and we believe it. And instead of the cherry on top it has edible gold glitter, how cool is that?