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15 Awesome Things You Will Only Find In South Korea


What is it about South Korea that makes it so special? It stands out from the rest of Asian countries with its unique culture, language, traditions, and more technological advancements than we can imagine. There is k-pop and k-hip-hop that is popular far outside the country, and there are foods you will not find anywhere in the world. Feeling a bit curious? Here are 15 awesome things you will only find in South Korea.


Lollipops and other types of ice-cream are often equipped with special protectors made of carton. This way ice-cream doesn’t drip on your hands as it melts!


Kids’ playgrounds in Seoul often look like small amusement parks. You can find all kinds of attractions there!

Coffee milk

You will find a refreshing coffee milk drink sold in these funny triangular packets. It tastes really good!


You can often see birdhouses like this in the streets. They are multi-storied and can accommodate a few bird families at once.


There are all kinds of potato chips sold in South Korean shops. How about Pringles with a taste of yoghurt?

Small watermelons

We are used to huge watermelons that can feed a whole family, but this is not the case with watermelons in South Korea. You will often find small hand-size watermelons sold in local markets.


Buying flowers for a date is never a problem because you can find special flower machines everywhere you go.


Caramelized strawberries

You can often find caramelized strawberries sold in the streets in winter. It is considered a classic winter dessert. It definitely looks yummy!

Chilli pepper

Just like in many other Asian countries, chilli peppers are dried outside. What you don’t see often is pepper drying right in the city streets!

Chupa-Chups drink

What if Chupa-Chups was a drink? It’s really hard to imagine what it would taste like, but you can definitely find out if you go to South Korea.


If you’re waiting for green light and the rain is pouring heavy on your head – worry not! In South Korea, even if you don’t have an umbrella with you, there are special pre-installed umbrellas on crossroads and near bus stops.

Plastic surgery

Everyone does plastic surgery in South Korea! They value good looks and encourage small (or not so small) changes here and there to improve appearance.

PooPoo Land

One of the weirdest attractions you will find in South Korea is a free museum named PooPoo Land. It will tell you everything you want (or don’t want) to know about poo.

Male makeup

Think Korean guys are cute? That’s probably because they are using makeup. Male cosmetics market is huge in South Korea and it’s completely natural for men to wear makeup even if they’re not k-pop stars.

Cake set

Cake sets are usually sold with a plastic knife that has a candle and a match stick hidden inside.