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16 Colorful Spring Dishes That You Should Get Excited For


Winter is almost over and we couldn’t be happier about it. We’re so done with the cold and the bad weather, and the darkness. Soon it’ll be warmer, we’ll have more daylight hours, all the trees will come back to life and blossom, providing a nice change from the grey and dreary landscapes of winter. In the meantime there’s another way to inject some color into your life. Try out these recipes of colorful and delicious spring dishes. Load your plates full of brightly colored veggies, find creatives ways to sneak more greens into your diet and you’ll feel way more energized and ready for spring.



1. Healthy And Colorful Spring Rolls
Let’s start with the obvious. You can’t talk about spring dishes without mentioning spring rolls. We’re pretty sure that’s against the law. And here you’ll get 5 recipes of delicious and very colorful spring rolls.



2. Soba, Cauliflower And Blood Orange Salad Recipe
This salad is delicious, colorful and also quite filling thanks to the soba noodles. Plus it just looks gorgeous doesn’t it? And it comes with a creamy ginger dressing, what’s not to like?



3. Colorful Spring Asparagus Couscous Salad
It’s quite a mouthful isn’t it? Try to say that five times fast. It’s worth it though, this spring salad is one of the yummiest ones we’ve found and it’s easy to make. It’s a perfect side dish or lunch, and it can be made in advance too.


4. Spring Salad With New Potatoes
What could be better and more spring like than new potatoes? Try this recipe and we guarantee you will not want to eat anything else for lunch ever again. Ok, maybe not ever, but you’ll want this every day for a week – that’s for sure.



5. Spring Vegetable Tots
If you were looking for a creative tater tot recipe – look no further. Here it is. It’s a great combo of nostalgic childhood taste with a side of yummy veggies that will give you some much needed nutrients and vitamins you need after a long winter.



6. Rainbow Veggie Dragon Noodles
Dragon noodles sound pretty exciting, don’t they? Well this recipe is bound to become your favorite ones you try it. It also uses zoodles, which cuts down on the carbs and adds ever more veggies, but if you want you can just have regular rice noodles instead. The sauce however, is to die for. It’s a perfect mix of salty, sweet and spicy.


7. Spring Vegetable Paella
The cool thing about this recipe is that you don’t need a special paella dish to make it. Just a sizeable frying pan will do. It’s delicious and loaded with spring veggies, and tastes equally great when served hot or at room temperature.



8. Collard Green Spring Rolls
Some people don’t like the taste and texture of rice paper that’s usually used for spring rolls, so here’s a great alternative. You can always use salad leaves or collard greens. This recipe by minimalist baker is very yummy and the dipping sauce will make you weep with joy.




9. Polenta With Spring Vegetables
Have you ever tried polenta before? If not you’re in for a treat. This meal looks restaurant worthy but it’s actually very easy to make. And this recipe gives you both a meat eaters version and a vegan friendly version too.


10. Colorful Spring Salad Bowl
This spring salad bowl is so colorful you’ll feel like you’re eating the rainbow. And based on the ingredients you can really eat it for any meal of the day. Eggs and bacon are a great choice for breakfast, but also for lunch. And who doesn’t like breakfast for dinner, am I right?



11. Lemony Spring Pasta Salad
Pasta salads are the best thing to have in the spring. They’re as satisfying and filling as pasta, but they don’t leave you feeling drowsy and sleepy. Somehow it’s more refreshing and this zesty spring pasta salad is a great lunch option.


12. Broccoli Tahini Pasta Salad
This one has a very high veggie to pasta ratio, so it looks super colorful and it tastes amazing. The tahini dressing compliments all the flavors perfectly too.



13. Thai Sweet Chili Chicken Buddha Bowls
Who doesn’t like the combination of sweet and savory? It really does something magical to our tastebuds. The homemade sweet chili sauce is already enough to make us love these Buddha bowls. Now add the chicken and colorful veggies and you’ve got yourself a perfect meal.



14. Cold Spiralized Sesame Noodle Salad
If you’re a fan of spiralized veggies this salad is ideal for you. It’s full of vitamins and nutrients, and since it’s all spiralized veggies it certainly look colorful and bright. The sauce is what really brings this recipe together so we urge you to try it.


15. Pea Prosciutto Spring Pizza
This is a great pizza recipe because it utilized any spring vegetables you might have lying around and all you need to do is put it on top of some pizza dough and crack an egg on top. Pizza and spring veggies – it’s the best of both worlds.



16. Spring Baked Salmon Poke Bowl
We’re pretty sure everyone is obsessed with poke bowls at the moment, so here’s a spring recipe for you. This one has baked salmon in it that adds some good protein and omega 3 and a bunch of yummy veggies. The marinade use for the fish, however, is something out of this world. A definite must try!